21 December, 2010

Italian Coach Enzo Bearzot Dies

The 83 year old former Italian National Coach passed away yesterday. Now we aren't the greatest supporters of Italian football, but in his limited time coaching, this guy did wonders.

Bearzot was in charge, and made the controversial decision, to have a media blackout following 3 so so performances in the 1982 World Cup first round. Following that move, Italy went on to defeat Argentina and Maradona 2-1 in the 2nd rd. In the subsequent next round, Italy stifled Zico and Socrates behind a 3-2 hat-trick by Paolo Rossi to move on to the semis.

The Semis saw Rossi score another 2 as Italy moved past a strong Polish side. We'll leave you with the highlights of the final, as the game was yet another brilliant masterpiece:

In the words of Paolo Rossi, upon Bearzot's passing, "Enzo Bearzot was one of the greatest figures in 20th century Italy," a tearful Rossi told Ansa news agency. "He was like a a father to me. I owe everything to him."

Video: norwonk

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