07 December, 2010

Martin Jol, Pariah

I want to introduce you to someone. He came in and revamped Tottenham a few years back and despite having off and on success, couldn't get anything done, and was summarily dismissed.

Fast forward a season, and he resurfaces at Ajax. A football factory of sorts that, while they will never be the powerhouse at the forefront of international title runs any more, produces many talented players.

Then, Fulham FC came calling in 2009. Amongst the strong candidates, including Bob Bradley, Jol had a standoff with Ajax management and managed to finagle a contract extension and promises to spend money to bring in a few more players.

Suddenly, Jol was the happiest camper in the world. His derision of Ajax was apologized for, and he happily rejoined the team.

Now, on the eve of his Ajax team being eliminated from CL play, his team pts adrift in the Eredivisie, and with a new EPL position available, we see Jol jump yet again to get out of contract with Ajax. This time, though, he has officially left the team, leaving De Boer in charge.

With Newcastle announcing that they are to hire a replacement coach in the 'near future", and with Jol already licensed to manage at the EPL level, with a "proven" track record and being fluent in English, this rumor isn't very far fetched and would certainly keep Newcastle from relegating through a change of climate.

Our take is that this, while an intelligent move, the Jol hiring is unnecessary on NUFC's part. They should have never fired a promising coach who had worked hard to gain the respect of players and fans while showing moments of brilliance amongst expected errors that many a first year skipper is expected to make. Hughton should have no trouble signing on with a good Championship team in the near future and would do them proud while NUFC would gain a skipper that will jump ship the moment he gets a better offer.

You tell me who comes out better in this deal.

Photo: DailyMail/TSI

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