01 December, 2010

Mourinho Gets Meaningless Ban and Fine

After an inquiry by FIFA that for once wasn't "found to be groundless" (we're looking at pretty much any investigation of their ExCo), FIFA has found Mourinho guilty of advising Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos to get a yellow so as to sit out their final group stage match in CL play as that would wipe the slate clean of their yellows for the elimination rounds.

Had they not received yellows, their 1 yellow card would have carried over to the next round where they could be conceivably eliminated in a do or die match.

In this case, the players were fined 20,000 Euro each while Mourinho is fined ~40,000 Euro and all three have to miss the last group match.

So, FIFA is pretty much toothless. The two players in question had to sit that match out anyways, and last time I checked each and their coach made more than that per match, so the fine does nothing. A mere slap.

Good to know that if I am a CL team coach, I can cheat the system and have to only pay a 1 game salary for it. Nice job FIFA for instilling "sportsmanship" back into the game.

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