10 December, 2010

Qatar Owns You

While I really don't have much against them (honestly, nothing) this does seem a bit strange in light of recent events such as the Argentina buyoff (that never happened *wink wink*) and the winning of the 2022 bid.

Barcelona has signed a £125m deal to sport the Qatar Foundation (a not for profit foundation aimed at education initiatives) logo through 2016 with £25m paid out annually. Granted, Barca is in pretty substantial debt at ~£400m but after having paid UNICEF to sport their logo (you read that right, they were paying UNICEF to have the UNICEF logo on their jerseys), and after having exhausted a lot of new avenues for income for the club, Barca has bowed to the corporation and taken on a sponsor.

If you are like me, you have to wonder, what's next, the 2018 FIFA World Cup brought to you by Qatar in Russia? Perhaps the Champions League held exclusively in Qatar?

But but wait it gets worse (to quote Onyx)! Plantini has come out and said that moving the 2022 WC to winter is certainly a possibility. Wait, what? Let me check that again, so we give the bid to a country supposedly on the basis that they can handle the summer heat and now they want to consider moving some games out of the country and even possibly move the tournament itself to winter, which interferes with pretty much every league but MLS and interrupts two hugely profitable tournaments in the CL and UEFA Leagues... And all this stated by the head of UEFA himself... Bidding countries, you didn't even get the benefit of a reach around on this one.

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