07 December, 2010

A Sad Day

So what has been happening with Freddy Adu you ask? Well, we know you didn't ask, because not many of you even care about the kid who managed to fall so far off the map he needs GPS to find his way back...

Wait for it...
Don't get lost driving all over town this holiday season. Make sure to update your in-car navigation maps! #ad
Well, what do you know, he's shilling GPS on his Twitter now. Great. I almost forgot to buy myself some car navigation, thanks Freddy.

Freddy, if you haven't read one of the 1mil plus comments made web-wide because you are in complete and utter denial, give up on Europe for now, and bring your butt back stateside, suck it up and re-establish yourself. Right now you are about 2 seconds away from becoming one of those guys juggling soccer balls in the square for tips.

Photo: vetcabaret

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