02 December, 2010

We Told You So...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we were right. Very right. The US isn't getting the WC 2022, and neither is England.

In a move that surprised nobody here at TSI, Russia has won the bid for the 2018 World Cup while Qatar has won 2022.

Do you think Putin knew he had it in the bag when he bothered not to even show up for the bidding? Or do you like the fact that Al-jazera news reported Qatar as the winner of the 2022 bid, 10 minutes before the official announcement?

Smell that? It smells like Blatter.

I, for one, am not surprised that Blatter went with the money, but the question is, how will a country that by their own law doesn't allow alcohol, and is rated an extreme safety risk by FIFA to most of Europe/the US fans, successfully host a WC? Couple the fact that daytime temps will be reaching nearly 118F outside the stadium and you have some strict crowd control and some serious tensions between fans and Qatari nationals that could happen.

Congratulations to them, but I'm as usual disappointed in FIFA and their shenanigans. Did you notice that Korea pulled 5 votes on the voting, and that the US only barely edged them out for the finals to host the 2022 WC? Or that England got only 2 votes and were the first eliminated from 2018 bidding? Funny, since right up to the BBC report, they were in a close 2nd to Russia. Consider this your slap on the wrist England, and never cross FIFA and it's power again.

Photo: ronblackradio


  1. Oh, and if you were wondering, Qatar is ranked 113th internationally by FIFA. Right above Antigua. Hope you aren't expecting us to get in that bracket, because that's already been decided too.

  2. There is no way Qatar deserves the 2022 World Cup. First of all, they suck at soccer; secondly, no alcohol; thirdly, too damn hot, although they have air-conditioned stadia.

    At least Russia will have the infrastructure after the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi (which is on the coast of the Black Sea next to the Republic of Georgia, if you were wondering) and alcohol use is strongly encouraged in Russia.


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