17 December, 2010

What? No One Loves Me?

Oh, the travesty! The humanity! Plus I was looking for a reason to bust out this picture for nearly five months...

Going on record, Iker Casillas' girlfriend, Sara Carbonero called Ronaldo selfish, stating that only 2-3 players even like him.

Ronaldo, for his part, cried to Iker for an apology.

Must be a bad week for the guy who refs claim they know will dive whenever given the chance. Danish CL ref Claus Bo Larsen stated, “He’s always out to get a cheap free-kick, especially at home,” Larsen told Ekstra Bladet. “We tended to talk before games about how he’d go down easily."

Ouch. Well, at least we know that Merc7 will always be able to find a job in France after his playing days are done. As a cheesemonger. Or, he could always hold out for that dream job at the Bunny Ranch.

Photo: LiveSoccer

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