09 December, 2010

What's Up Damarcus?

It's been a while. Your twitters go down a little better than Freddy's, but at this point, you are only getting marginally more minutes.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the Bundesliga lately, other than Jermaine Jones being sent down to the B team, and Bradley lighting it up for a relegation bound Mongladbach, Damarcus is quietly biding his time with 4th place Hannover 96. Currently, they sit 12 points out of first, and 4 points above 5th place. Not bad.

But with all that good play by players ahead of him, he hasn't been seeing much 1st team action. Case in point, since October, he's seen a grand total of 55mins in three appearances, all from the bench and all in blowouts (usually blowout losses).

So when are we going to see you get some more playing time and what do you have to do to get some around there Run DMB?

Photo: TSI

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