10 July, 2010

Germany v Uruguay WC 3rd Place Game Highlights

Good stuff, good game. Suarez still went down easier than a dress on prom night for my liking, but overall, I was impressed with both teams.

Video: TheNellino95

2010 World Cup Best XI All-Tournament Team

After much debate, the TSI crew has arrived at a consensus of the Best XI All-Tournament team for the 2010 World Cup.

Fernando Muslera - Uruguay

This year has been the best performance by Uruguay since they won the tournament in 1950. One might wonder how this is possible since Uruguay barely qualified for the World Cup, finishing fifth in South America and winning a playoff against Costa Rica. Yet, Uruguay has outlasted Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay. The reason is Fernando Muslera.The Lazio goalkeeper gets the nod over Iker Casillas by virtue of Uruguay’s three group stage shutouts. Only two goalkeepers made it through the group stage without allowing a single goal: Muslera and Portugal’s Eduardo. Following this admirable performance, Muslera also won an intense penalty kick shootout against Ghana. Honorable mention goes to Casillas for his tremendous penalty kick save against Paraguay and Spain’s succession of tight 1-0 victories. However, Casillas lost his first match against Switzerland and was out-played by Switzerland’s Diego Benagio that day.

Germany v Uruguay Semi-Final Matchup


In a battle for 3rd, Germany brings Sara Brandner. Uruguay, not fooling around, drops the Zaira Nara bombshell. We can see what both bring to the game, and we're not complaining. Kickoff is 1:30 CST on ABC or for those not lucky enough to be near a tv, feel free to do some browsing for the online feed through courtesy of the great people on Game on!

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Blatter Gets a Twitter

Yeah, I laughed at this too. We all know it's not him actually typing. The guy only knows two things: How to keep his pimp hand strong and how be seen with important people.

Either way, there may actually be something worth reading in it. @SeppBlatter. In related news, Plantini was hospitalized the same day of Blatter's twitter announcement. No word on if the thought of Blatter attempting to take control of the internet caused the hospitalization.


09 July, 2010

Fan Invades Pitch After Realizing his Team Didn't Make It Out of the Group Stage

During the semi-final game between Germany and Spain, a pitch invader disrupted the game with a message: "Lippi, I told you so." Wow. Yeah, you stick it to him buddy. The fact that you are probably now labeled a hooligan and will be banned from attending another international match be damned.

Now, some of you will label me an ass or anti-Italian, and that's fine. Actually, I'm anti-diving. No, wait, I like a well performed 3 1/2 back somersault in the pike position. I'm anti-annoying fan. See, even when we think we are done with "un-beautiful" football, we aren't. Their fans want to usurp the limelight and refocus it on Italy. That said, it could just have easily been a French fan, an American or even an English one.

Tottenham Hostpurs Gets a Kit Sponsor for $30mil

On the heels of the rumors that they still couldn't find anyone to pay them to sponsor their jerseys and a possibility of offering four kits with four sponsors to make up the difference in sponsor money comes the word that Tottenham Hotspurs will be offering two kit sponsors this season. So far only one sponsor has been named. Autonomy.

The catch? Autonomy will only be for the EPL games. You read that right. They are making $30mil just for their EPL matches while their kits for Champions League and FA Cup matches will have a separate sponsor, presumably for another $30mil. Get ready to see some ridiculous sponsor deals coming down the pipes from other clubs soon.

08 July, 2010

Miss the Germany v Spain Semi? FIFA has something to tell you...

If you were in South Africa and caught the Germany v. Spain game live, you're lucky. For hundreds of fans traveling to Durban to catch the 2nd match, a mess of delayed flights, re-routes and re-directions ensued as FIFA VIPs including Charlize Theron, and Spain's King Juan Carlos, and no doubt Sepp Blatter, got preferential air traffic treatment from the South African Government.

One air traffic controller in South Africa is quoted by “Some fans didn’t manage to get to the game because we had to turn those aircraft back. We had lots of air traffic from the two countries that are playing.” One flight even experienced trouble when several unruly fans were justifiably upset that their plane would be re-routed due to "numerous business/private jets" on the runway.

07 July, 2010

Germany v Spain Semi-Final Highlights

And that's it boys. Two European teams in the finals. One for the first time ever. Regardless, the winner will be lifting the Cup for the first time in their nation's history.

Video: thanhthongb

Biggest A-hole of the World Cup

As you have no doubt noticed, we have a new poll question: Who was the biggest A-hole of the World Cup? Your choices are:

Luis Suarez - This A-hole deliberately used his hands to stop Ghana's winning goal in the final seconds of extra time to deny Ghana, and all of Africa, their first semifinal appearance. After Ghana eliminated the United States in extra time during the round of 16, and they celebrated with their fans, I noticed something interesting. As the players waved their Black Star flag of Ghana, they were not chanting "Ghana! Ghana!" No. They were chanting "Africa! Africa!" along with their African fans. Thanks a lot for screwing over your entire host continent, Suarez!

06 July, 2010

Germany v. Spain Matchup


This one is down to the wire, kids. On the left, Sarah Brandner (Bastian Schweinsteiger's girlfriend) and on the right in, yes, wait for it... a candy necklace, Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas' girlfriend). The guns are out. Expect a high scoring game with lots of drama. This is for all the marbles and a chance for the finals... And FIGHT!

We apologize to fans that earlier, we had a picture of Adriana Lima earlier. Both gorgeous, both caught me at a loss of words. It's been since corrected.

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Netherlands vs Uruguay Semi-Finals Highlights

*Spoiler Alert* If you don't want to know the score, you shouldn't be looking. Now, for the rest of you, enjoy the goals.

Video: AUSdodo1

The Curious Case of Guadeloupe Soccer

If you are like me, you remember Guadeloupe storming through the Gold Cup to the Semis in the summer of 2007. Wow, they must be phenomenally talented. I wonder where they develop such skill for a country of only 405,000 inhabitants.

Sure, I know Guadeloupe is a former French colony, but with that skill, why aren’t we seeing them in CONCACAF qualifying?

Is Alexander Zahavi a future USMNT player?

Well below the radar lies Alexander Zahavi. What? You haven't heard of the kid? He's the next great thing.

Yeah, well, we've all heard that line before. Now, here's the interesting thing. He's a tri-national. Born in LA, with Israeli and Portuguese passports, Zahavi currently plays left wing for Sporting Lisbon. At 19yo, the 5'7" right footed winger has been doing well enough to have call-ups to the Portuguese U20 team and is currently on perennial foreign national player destroyer Rongen's short list. He's been playing in Israel and Portugal for most of his life, so his development hasn't been hampered by the current youth and college system here.

Project 2010 = Fail?

My intention was to write about the beautiful 4-3-3 that The Netherlands runs, with instructions to Michael Bradley and Maurice Edu to watch Mark Van Bommel and Nigel De Jong to see how it should be done.

The Oranje have started the same back four of captain Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Joris Mathijsen, John Heitinga, and Gregory van der Weil until the Brazil match, when Joris Mathijsen was unexpectedly scratched and Andre Ooijer took his place, but not seamlessly. On Brazil's goal, Heitinga looked lost and didn't know who to mark, likely because his central defensive partner was absent. Note that Gregory van der Weil is suspended with accumulated yellow cards tomorrow, so it is likely that Khalid Boulahrouz will step in his place at outside back.

05 July, 2010

Lingerie model Larissa Riquelme to strip naked despite Paraguay defeat |

Wow... all I have to say is she's a trooper. According to the Metro, Ms. Riquelme has decided, despite Paraguay not making the finals in South Africa, that she'll strip for the team and for the good of the Paraguayan fans. Good on you Larissa Riquelme.


Bob Bradley to Fulham? Dempsey to AC Milan?

Seriously? Did Fulham not see Bob Bradley's total lack of ability in almost every 1st half of every game he ever managed with the USMNT?

The craziest part is he's in competition with Sven Goran and Mark Hughes to replace Roy Hodgson as Fulham's manager for the 2010-2011 season.
Sven is a journeyman failure who hires himself out to the highest bidder and Mark Hughes can get a job done well, but will never take a team to the top something we unfortunately saw while he was at Man City.

The next manager of the USMNT is...

Now, without going through the whole list again, I'm referencing a good starter list from bigsoccer.

The problem is that already, their list is already outdated (only 5 days old) and several good candidates were overlooked.

Now, as you know from an earlier article, my apprehension about going Dutch (other than one Euro Championship, what have they ever won?) so I'm going to avoid the usual names like Guus, Rijkaard and Gullit.

Nigerian President Rescinds 2 Year Ban on Football Team

"The President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) on Monday graciously rescinded last Wednesday’s decision to withdraw Nigerian national football teams from FIFA/CAF football competitions." according to the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) site.

I particularly like the part about "graciously rescinding". We all know that FIFA strong armed them into withdrawing the ban that was imposed just last week. While this was obviously a poor and idiotic move on Pres. Goodluck Jonathan's part for the simple sake of ruining player development by preventing international competition, he also made the stupid move of ticking off Sepp Blatter. In other words, Sepp punched him in the nose once then went for the gut repeatedly until Pres. Goodluck Jonathan was knocked out.

Guess we see who won this round. Next up in Lopsided Fights Against Authority, who will win a fight between the island nation of Grenada and CONCACAF President Jack Warner....

Photo: IGN

Choose your Fernando

The question on my mind entering the big semifinal matches is who should be David Villa's striking partner? In the last two matches, against Portugal and Paraguay, there were three relevant coincidences. In both matches, David Villa scored Spain's only goal in a 1-0 victory, Fernando Torres was ice cold, but then Fernando Llorente gave Spain a nice spark off the bench. Llorente was particularly impressive in the Portugal match, and it seemed like he would score almost immediately upon entering the game. Llorente is an especially dangerous threat with his head on crosses and corner kicks, and appears to have a confidence that Torres lacks.

So, what is the verdict? Which Fernando will get the start against the German Mannschaft?

Torres Photo:
Llorente Photo:

04 July, 2010

Which of these things doesn't belong?

One of these things doesn't go together,
One of these things just doesn't belong...

Aguirre and Mexico
Dunga and Brazil
Sven Goran and Ivory Coast
Bradley and USA

If you chose Bradley, you chose correctly as he is the only one whose nation expected a better showing and also the only one who did not resign at the elimination of their team. Instead, he is riding out his contract instead of vacating the position for USSF to fill while good managers are still available.

Classy, by definition

Yeah, so you didn't think this would ever apply to Maradona and you're technically correct. It does, but only in an ironic fashion. Argentina and Maradona, fresh off a whooping that would make a belt manufacturer proud, will go down in WC 2010 history as the team that failed to live up to expectations and the team whose coach threatened fans because he lost.

Now, it isn't lost on me that the guy who insulted Pele, Plantini, the media, England, Beckenbauer... ah, heck, pretty much everyone, including your mom, would obviously want to spout off after losing 4-0 to Germany. What did surprise me was that he did it to the German fans behind the Argentine bench.

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