23 July, 2010

The Beautiful Game (pt. 1)

Gonna keep this simple, just like this picture by Hans van der Meer. Enjoy.

Celerina, Switzerland

Photo: Hans van der Meer

Special 1 TV Ep. 2

Episode #2 of Special 1 TV

"You are the Judas Priest of subliminal pimping Sven." Pure gold.

Video: BBCComedy

Ajax v Chelsea Preseason Friendly Highlights

A young sided Chelsea was put to the sword by Ajax. The final was 3-1 Ajax over the Blues. Probably should have been a little closer except for a colossal blunder by Turnbull at the edge of the box allowing Ajax to slot it in unchallenged. It was a game short on first teamers for both sides, and Chelsea putting on a 15yo prospect on the back line, and this was still a surprising result. Enjoy the highlights.

Video: GoalzHD

6 More Days Until Our 1 Month Anniversary

Six more days to get those captions in...

FFF Loses Phone Numbers for Entire French WC2010 Squad

In a good start to regain the support of French fans, the FFF and new manager Laurent Blanc have decided to suspend the entire WC2010 squad for the next friendly, according to the FFF website and Skysports.

Now, it's a good start, and obviously, it's not going to be a make or break game as it's against Norway on August 11th. The other problem for Blanc is that he will have to retire some of these guys and use some of the young core, as well as others that were surprise no-calls for the Cup, to rebuild a squad that finished dead last in the group.

NYRB v Tottenham Highlights

Well, Thierry Henry scores in his New York debut. It wasn't pretty, but it was effective against a defense that included Hutton (who somehow regressed to pub league ball) and Corluka (who should have picked that and several other chances up).

To the Red Bulls credit, they played better in the first half and should have come away with another goal against a team that seems to be coasting and not trying this preseason. Here are your highlights:

Video: GoalKuwait and FSC

22 July, 2010

Superliga Group Stage Complete

There was a very pleasant surprise with the last set of games in Superliga group play. The four MLS teams each defeated the four Mexican League teams, giving the MLS squads first place (and third place) in both groups.

Houston Dynamo beat Puebla 1-0 to win Group A, and Chivas USA salvaged a 1-0 win over Pachuca for third place pride. In Group B, New England defeated Morelia 1-0 to take the top spot, and Chicago Fire managed to earn their only win of the Superliga 1-0 over UNAM Pumas.

NYRB v Tottenham LIVE

Cause we're pimp like that. New York Red Bulls vs. Tottenham Hotspurs live from the NY Football Challenge. Here you boys go:

Video: Veetle

Let's Celebrate

Well, to celebrate the first month of, we are giving you a chance to win an autographed Thierry Henry picture. Granted, it's got a slight bend in the lower left, just above his armpit, and it's a 8"x12" (damn British and their funky picture sizes), but hey, we're cheap, but more important, we're lazy. You can see a copy of the picture here (w/o slight bend in lower left corner and w/o autograph, but just so you get the idea of what it'll look like).

So, how do you win this piece of memorabilia? Easy. Put a caption with the picture below. If we like it, the photo is all yours. Happy hunting.

Photo: TheSoccerInsiders

*Contest begins 7/22 and ends 7/29 (our 1 month anniversary. Feel free to enter often and only on the comment section below in this article. Make sure you also friend us on Facebook.

My apologies to David for the deletion of the last post at 6:08 EST. It was after the cut off time, so I eliminated it to be fair to the rest of the contestants. That said, I'll be making the decision tonight as to the winner, which will be announced tomorrow. Thank you all who contributed.

Why Australia Won't Get the 2022 World Cup

According to FIFA bylaws regarding the bid selection:
The Member Association and the Bid Committee shall conduct any activities in relation to the Bidding Process in accordance with basic ethical principles such as integrity, responsibility, trustworthiness and fairness. The Member Association and the Bid Committee shall refrain from attempting to influence members of the FIFA Executive Committee or any other FIFA officials, in articular by offering benefits for specific behavior.

Going Back to Amsterdam

Yeah, you read that right. Damn Magic 8-ball sold us a bill of goods. We were planning on seeing good ol' Martin Jol moving to take the reins at Fulham and by default, we'd see Sven staying with the Ivory Coast and/or Bob Bradley staying with the USMNT.

Well, that's all shot to hell. Jol had an "emergency" meeting with Ajax officials in which he aired his grievances about not having any money to pick up proper players. Apparently, after having only signed a contract with Ajax last year, he was under the assumption they wouldn't sell all his players and actually try to win something (other than a domestic cup that is).

Man U v Philly Preseason Friendly Highlights

Man U fans had to wait till the 76' to actually see a goal. Now, based on the apparent comments by MLS, losing 1-0 to ManU is going to be the apocalypse. See, Spurs drew 0-0 with San Jose (while fielding a team of pretty much nothing but 19 year olds and some fringe players about to be sold) and San Jose could "step toe to toe with one of the best teams in the world." I can only figure what MLS will spin this into later today in the media.

Either way, despite the score, a relatively interesting game. Enjoy:

Video: Manutdusator and Simplyreds

21 July, 2010

DeMarcus Beasley Making a Move This Week

Breaking the news of players lounging by the beach in Miami. That's what you get when you have a stay at home dad reading the USMNT twitters for you. So, after putting in time at his soccer camp in Michigan last week, DeMarcus has some difficult decisions to make.
@DaMarcusBeasley That be the best for you and yours, a hug RT

@DaMarcusBeasley @GuilleGumiFox I will decide this week. Hard decision
via webRT
@DaMarcusBeasley: @GuilleGumiFox I will decide this week.. Hard decision via web
@DaMarcusBeasley Osasuna, Espanyol, Paris Saint Germain, where you will play the next season?
So, where do you want to see him go?

27 Game Ban Handed Out for Choking Out Referee

Damn. We're talking MMA style Matt Hughes stuff here. In case you didn't catch the original incident:

Watchdog Group Turns Deaf Ear to Blind Group's Support of Ad

Bookmaker Paddy Power outdid itself with this one. With a letter of support from the manager of the English Blind Football Team, they ran the below ad. In and of itself, it's pretty funny, and rather unbelievable.

Players Ball 2010

And Pimp of the Year 2010 Award goes to...

Drum roll, please...

It's a tie! Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema, please come up to accept your award.

France, feel free to use that idea like some of the police here in the States. It works pretty well when they give out free tickets to tax cheats then arrest them when they pick up their winnings. Don't these idiots wonder how they won a contest they never entered? But I digress...

20 July, 2010

Divers Live a Rough Life

Poor divers everywhere. We ridicule them, we insult them, we bemoan their actions *cough cough we're looking at you C. Ronaldo*. But, at the end of the day, do you realize the trauma they go through?

Video: Collegehumor

TrebleSeven Brings the Art to Soccer to your Wall

Straight from the category of "cool!" They offer the schedule of each quarterfinal country in the World Cup along with the results and a few World Cup ones listing each competing country. At right are several of the options.

The price + delivery to the US is ~$20 (12GBP to mainland Europe) with proceeds going to Unicef's Soccer Aid.

The Oranje one is pretty pimp even if their final match in the Cup wasn't so. TrebleSeven claims Obama is rocking one of the US posters so why don't you pick one up yourself and support a good cause.

Photo: Trebleseven and Davidburtonphotograpy

5th Div. French Soccer + Champions League Fans = Awesome

Well, it's not really a qualifier. Heck, I don't even know if this club is even at the Regional level, but their "fans" and Remi think they have a chance, and so do I.

If you don't know Remi, now you know. You've probably seen his many trick shots, but honestly, I think this is Remi at his best. Much funnier than that boring Jerry Lewis fellow.


Michael Essien, Child Abuser

Coming back from injury, this is not the way to start back on the way to fitness. In his first appearance in blue since December, Essien cracked a shot wide of goal, straight into the face of some unsuspecting fan.

If you look close, you'll see blood running down the kid's face too. Try not to laugh, cause I feel for the boy. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a screaming 80mph shot from 30yrds. Hope he got Essien's autograph at least.

On an upside, Essien put in the lone goal for Chelsea as they went on to win 1-0 in the preseason friendly.

Video: theBubbleHD

19 July, 2010


Tottenham have taken the step to become the first team to ban vuvuzelas in the EPL this season. The rationale was that you cannot hear emergency information over the loudspeakers over the din of the annoying instrument, but we all know it to be a way to identify those who will be taken out back and ritually beaten for thinking these things are a cultural treasure of South Africa.

Since I have started to write this article, Arsenal and Birmingham have also joined Spurs in the ban. One would hope that by the beginning of the season, every one of the EPL clubs will ban these annoying things.


¿Dónde está la biblioteca?

USMNT Jonathan Bornstein, the guy who begs to flatter on the left for the US, the guy every Honduran loves, is going to Mexico. And by Mexico, we don't mean Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. And no, this is not some crazy bender talk of a guy on a run south of the border for some quick fix in Tiajuana. Believe me, I checked.

Nope, after the 2010 season in MLS (technically starting Jan. 1st 2011), Chivas USA defender Jonathan Bornstein will be moving to the Mexican Primera Division with UNAL Tigres in Monterrey. The interesting thing is that Bornstein's mother is Mexican so he won't count against the foreign player limit on Tigres.

Jermaine Jones Back in Action with Schalke 04

Ahhhh Yeahh Boys!... oh wait, the World Cup is already over. Well, it still is worth catching up on the guy cause we can use him in Gold Cup action and there is always the outside chance we could see the guy suit up for us at age 32 (he's currently 28) for Brazil 2014.

Jones has been out of action since May 2009 when he fractured his leg playing for Schalke 04. Since then, he's made two aborted comebacks in hopes of making the USMNT squad, who's allegiance he switch to after failing to regularly crack the Deutscher Mannschaft. Under current FIFA rules, a player who has played "insignificant" minutes for a national team can switch to a different national team, provided he's a citizen of said country. While never having really lived in the US, Jones is the son of a US military serviceman and was born on a US base in Germany. Hence, he's got a US citizenship (although I don't believe he's ever really invoked it but that doesn't matter to FIFA).

Superliga - Second Game

An interesting second set of games in the MLS vs. Mexico Superliga, when each team plays an opponent from their own nation. Two of the teams that won their first game won again to clinch advancement to the semifinals: the New England Revolution defeated Chicago Fire 1-0 and Puebla defeated Pachuca 3-1. The other teams tied each other; Morelia tied UNAM Pumas 2-2 and Houston Dynamo tied Chivas USA 1-1.

Seattle Sounders - Celtic Craziness

I saw the first half of the friendly between Celtic and Seattle Sounders, and it was insane. Kasey Keller was injured and was doing excellent television commentary. He isn't diplomatic and isn't afraid to criticize anyone. This is especially relevant because Seattle had planned to give Kasey's backup Terry Boss a 90 minute game experience. They also had to call up a new backup, Jordan Jennings, from Seattle University who has never played in an MLS game (he is the Tacoma Tide goalkeeper).

Soccer Comic Book

I came across a Diego Forlan Japanimation-esque cartoon online the other day. Despite being disturbing, and in Spanish, I got to thinking, what about Soccer Comic Books? That would be freakin cool!

Damn. Looks like someone beat me to it. And luckily, they draw a lot better than I do too. This is just straight up cool. Adam Riches puts together a hard bound book of the fantasy soccer players of yesteryear in Football's Comic Book Heroes. Well, if anyone is reading, you know what to get me for Christmas.

Photo: Amazon and Adam Riches

18 July, 2010

Disturbing Thought of the Day

Not proud to admit it, but I was checking out Sepp Blatter's Twitter the other day. Guy has the basic info only a personal secretary could make up. But on the right side of the page, it lists the twitter pages of the people he "follows":

Blackpool is my new Second Favorite Team

Well, if you don't love their manager, Ian Holloway, you should. The guy is brilliant and funny. They might be my 2nd favorite team to watch this upcoming EPL season just to see his interviews alone.

But if he isn't funny enough for you, then check out the recent scuttle on "'Pool consider Butt move" and in their rumor section, they say that Blackpool are considering Shittu and Butt.* It just doesn't get any better than this. Wait, no, it doesn't.

Charlie Davies in Pre-Season Action

And now for your fix of the week. Charlie Davies put in 5 minutes of action coming off the bench for Souchaux FC in their 2-0 win over Southhampton this weekend. He had put in 53' off the bench a few days earlier (July 14th) in a 1-0 loss to Thonon Gaillard FC and 44' off the bench in a 5-0 beat down by FC Basil on the 10th.
We got our first win of the preseason! We beat Southhampton 2-0. I didn't get to play too much but in do time. Hard work never stops! Bless -via Charlie Davies Twitter.

Thierry Henry Practices with NYRB

Well, after watching this short clip I learned something:

1) Thierry Henry has mad foot skill
2) MLS players are still training/playing with a college mentality

Yeah, can barely keep the ball up in close quarters. I think these two need to get cut, or at best go home and practice for a few days then come back and try not to embarrass themselves.

No MLS in San Diego

A few of us here at TSI caught a column in the San Diego Union Tribune, claiming that there should be an MLS team in San Diego. Soccer is immensely popular in San Diego with our large Mexican-American population and San Diego has had great success in producing professional players. Union Tribune sports columnist Nick Canepa quotes Anthony Fernandez, one of the organizers of the recent match between Portsmouth and Club America in San Diego, as saying that the only thing standing between San Diego and the next MLS expansion team is the $30 million "franchise fee."

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