31 July, 2010

Portsmouth, So Bad Even Their Kit Sponsor Won't Let Them Wear Their Jersey

Picked this up from Yahoo Sports the other day. Apparently, Portsmouth was in DC playing a MLS team in a preseason friendly.

I almost called the article "DC United Beats Itself 4-0", because, I didn't see a team that even belonged in the Championships playing. It was brutal.

How bad? Well, besides having a 28hr layover in Chicago (not all bad, but it looks like when they did make their flight, they left their dignity and skills back in Chicago), they also lost several bags, including their kits.

German Loss Interrupted by Spanish Team

Poor Bastian. Guy can't even get interviewed about a World Cup loss without the Spanish stealing the highlights.

Video: Collegehumor

Sucks to be Wrong

Yeah, so my suggestion that Damarcus Beasley was coming to take the Chicago Fire DP was far fetched, and a reasonable idea that the Fire should pick up DeMerit as the DP was plausible. Well, neither were close. Instead, the Seattle Sounders dealt Chicago Freddie Ljungberg for a conditional pick for 2011/2012.

In Ljungberg, Chicago gets a 33yo on the decline that has had a ho-hum season this year after a rather sparking one last year in Seattle. Seattle needed to offload Freddie as Blaise N'kufo and Alvaro Fernandez were looking to take up the two regular DP slots for the Sounders, and arguable would do better than Ljungberg, for cheaper.

30 July, 2010

USA Has A Milk Moustache with Highlights

Come and get your whooppin Charlie! Damn. I don't know what was in their milk, but the US came out and dropped the hammer on the North Ireland team that had beaten Japan 5-0 two days earlier. This time, the US got the win, and it was a decisive 3-0 for a young U20 side.

North Ireland had won the previous two Milk Cups, and were well on their way to win a third in the minds of many North Irish going into the game. A first half free kick by Gale Agbossoumonde and a goal by Juan Agudelo put the US up 2-0 at half time. A third by Adrian Ruelas finished the North Irish off before Chris Hegarty (NI) and Agbossoubonde were sent off with reds for an apparent scuffle in the box that resulted in a free kick away.

And the Winner Is...

Player: "Noooooooo! Your ass may have swallowed your head, but it will never get mine!"

Congrats to our winner, Okanagan Ogopogos. Damn crazy Canadians can be pretty funny. Drop us an email @ with your address and we'll send you your Thierry Henry pic. Just make sure you include the postal address, name, and how you came to hear about us in the message.

To everyone else, thanks, we had some good entries to help us celebrate our first month. Hope to see some more down the road.

Photo: TSI

2010 Milk Cup Final LIVE

Looks like the game got pushed up because I just checked the site and it lists the game as already being in the 2nd half. Last chance to catch the last 30mins. US is up 3-0 on a Ruelas goal about the 63'.

Click here for the feed.

Video: BBC/Milk Cup

The Beautiful Game (pt. 2)

This one is Doncaster Rovers v Tottenham at Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster during last year's League Cup.

Doncaster, England

Photo: Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Muslim Group Issues Fatwa on Bundesliga

It's not as scary sounding as many of you think. A fatwa is an official ruling by Muslim religious officials, usually Ayatollahs, which gives an interpretation of their holy book for application in today's society. In this case, a fatwa was declared that if a Muslim player's sole income is derived from playing soccer (in the Bundesliga and lower levels), then he is exempt from Ramadan (month long fasting during the day as a means of prayer akin to Lent and Passover).

Last season, according to Yahoo Sports, three Muslim players were honoring their religion and fasting during the month long holiday of Ramadan but it severely affected their play. In their contracts, it was written that such a display, while not mentioning their religion, was a violation of their contract when not by express permission of their clubs.

No Deal for Adu

Sorry buddy. Doesn't look like Switzerland wants you either. Something about a height requirement...

Well, according to Freddy on Twitter, he stubbed or did something to his toe that didn't allow him to finish his practice session, and FC Sion made an announcement that they were passing on the opportunity to pick Adu up. "Despite his undeniable quality, the American player does not fit to the needs searched for by the club at this time."- yanksabroad

Ouch. Dude can't even get the time of day from a 5th place Swiss team in Sepp Blatter's own backyard. Sounds like someone might want to suck it up and come back to MLS for the league minimum. Although, at this point, do we even want to bring him back?

At the moment, it looks like he'll be riding his golden parachute by going back to Aris to complete his 2 yr loan, despite the fact that their coach has made it known he's not really wanted their either. Freddy, enjoy Greece. I hear their benches are very nice.


There's Jobs in That There USSF

Ehhh, got an email last night. I'm still on the mailing list when posts come for jobs from the US National Governing Bodies Job Board.

Here are today's candidates:

Registration Coordinator- Work includes "The U.S. Soccer Registration Department oversees the proper registration of all pro and amateur soccer players (e.g. MLS, D2, USL, Development Academy) , USSF referees (at all levels) and any team traveling to and from the United States to conform to all FIFA mandates and regulations.

29 July, 2010

2010 Milk Cup Finals Decided

Your standings after yesterday's games:

2010 Milk Cup Elite Section Standings
Team W L T Pts. GF GA GD
USA 2 0 0 6 4 2 +2
N. Ire. 1 0 1 4 6 0 +6
Mexico 1 0 1 4 4 2 +2
Denmark 1 1 0 3 6 4 +2
Japan 0 2 0 0 2 7 -5
China 0 2 0 0 0 6 -6

That leaves the finals as:
June 30th 5th place game China v. Japan
June 30th 3rd place game Denmark v. Mexico
June 30th Final game North Ireland v. USA*
*Come back Friday at 2:50pm EST to watch the game live.

USA progressed to the finals after being down 1-0 to Denmark on poor keeping by Samir Badr. It really looked like he was a step slow in the 1st half, but did well to make a turnaround in the 2nd half. Just before halftime, the US came back with a slow bouncer from Adrian Ruelas that confused the Danish keeper to make it 1-1. Then a quick goal by Fuad Ibrahim put the US up 2-1 only to be nullified by an own goal from Perry Kitchen on a redirected header that caught Badr flat footed. With just minutes left, where a draw would have put Denmark in the finals, the US put another one past Denmark on a strike and second goal by Ruelas in the 89th minute.

The win by the US knocked Denmark (4-1 winners in the first match against Japan) into 4th place. Great bit of work from a scrappy US U20 side. The US will be playing North Ireland live at 2:50pm EST on Friday via BBC feed here.

Goals to date for the US in the Milk Cup:
Ruelas(Santos Laguna) 2
Ibrahim(Toronto FC) 1
Salgado(unattached) 1

Photo: Ruelas celebrating @ Milk Cup

Man U v MLS All Stars Highlights

This is probably the best quality, most complete highlights I could scrounge up for you guys, so enjoy Man U just kicking the dick in of MLS.

Video: MexicoAmistosos

Last Day to Enter Caption Contest for Thierry Henry Autograph

Contest ends 6pm EST today (7/29/2010)! Get your captions in now.

Rumor of the Day

Bob Bradley is taking over the Honduran National Team. I know, I know, it's a joke, but to Honduran media types, that would be a dream come true apparently. According to Shawn Francis over at and a recent Honduran poll, Hondurans favor Bob Bradley to be their next national team coach by 50%. Yeah, the same country that seems to not get enough of Jonathan Bornstein wants the king of 1st half collapses to take over.

Now normally, I'd say I was done with the joke, but Yahoo Sports is reporting that Reinaldo Rueda, Honduras' National Team coach, just resigned. Bob Bradley's contract is up in December of this year. Conveniently enough, he also speaks fluent Spanish.

Who's Going to be the Next Chicago Fire DP?

Brian Mechanik over at Matchfitusa has an interesting piece of speculation for you. The next DP for Chicago won't be Damarcus Beasley, as we have suggested (albeit tongue in cheek), but instead it'll be a defensive player. More specifically, it'll be Jay DeMerit.

What?! A defender making DP money? Chad Marshall is the highest paid defender and the defensive mvp of MLS for the last two years and he's only making $320K ($250K + incentives). DP money would put DeMerit at about $35,000 more, minimum (DP min is $350K).

28 July, 2010

Mark Hughes Takes Over at Fulham

Mark Hughes is taking over at FFC where Martin Jol did not and Bob Bradley didn't even enter the conversation according to I mean, what was Fulham going to do, hire Sven Goran Erikkson? Yeah, and the minute they have a bad stretch of two games, he'd be gone faster than a 17yo at a Frank Ribery shindig.

The reported move is expected early Thursday with less than 2 1/2 weeks to decide a roster and a little over a month to set the final 25 for the team before the Sept. 1 deadline.


Freddy Adu Trialing with FC Sion

Yeah, didn't believe the rumors until I read it myself on the Swiss site (translated by a really crappy German translator i.e.-me)
"Yeah, that's correct. Freddy has been here with us since yesterday. He had a bit of training with us and will maybe stay with us through tomorrow afternoon. It's a possibility that Adu will play for Sion this season." - Sion Manager Fredy Chassot.
So what does that mean? Not a whole lot. Remember this would be his 5th team (4th on loan) . The confusion lies in the translation. He originally signed a 2 yr loan to Aris from Benfica, but he hasn't featured for Benfica since 2007, so he may just be cut loose after a flop signing of $2mil from Real Salt Lake in MLS. The translation comes across as "after his contract is completed," which would infer that Benfica cut their loses on Adu and Sion just outright signs with them.

Denmark v USA Milk Cup 2010 LIVE

For those of you tuning in for the first time to our website, welcome. Enjoy the show. Denmark is coming off a 4-1 drubbing of Japan while the US squeezed by China 1-0 behind a goal from Salgado.

Feed starts at 2:50pm EST with the ball drop at 3pm EST.

Video: MilkCup/BBC

Confessions of a Club Owner

I admit it. I owned a Blue Square Conference Football Club (since relegated from the 5th division of English football). Well, technically, I was part owner. Along with some 27,000 others, I plopped down £35 to form a kitty of about £700K to buy a club in January 2008.

At the time, we weren't even sure which club we would buy. There were rumors of York, Mansfield and Oxford, but those never materialized. All I knew was my team was going to the top, just like I did with my fantasy club on Football Manager.

Man, was I ever excited to learn I had bought Ebbsfleet United (formerly Gravesend & Northfleet FC). We had an official sponsor in Eurostar. We were already in the FA Trophy tourney and we even had an English C Team keeper as well as a nephew of Eric Cantona on the squad. How could we lose?

Maradona Out as Argentina Manager

It's official. Maradona's contract with the AFF will not be renewed by unanimous decision of the AFF board after meeting with Maradona last night. While no exact detail can be pointed to as to the cause of the "firing" (some argue that it was because of some of his backroom staff that he refused to dismiss), I'll just point to the quarterfinal finish (4-0 loss to Germany) in the Cup, the 6-1 whooping that Bolivia gave them in qualifying and his repeated excuses as to why Argentina wasn't playing at it's best.

Hey, watch me pull a job out of my pants!

Either way, Sergio Batista has taken over the reigns temporarily with an eye as a possible permanent replacement. Batista managed Argentina to an Olympic gold in 2008 as well as won the 1986 WC as a defensive mid.

Photo: Soccerbyives

27 July, 2010

New EPL Rule Giving Teams Fits

A new rule begins September 1st. No, it's not the Home Grown Rule (which requires 8 of the 25 spots on a senior roster to be registered for 3 years, prior to their 21st birthday, with a club, any club, in the FA or Welsh FA, regardless of citizenship although there is no restriction on players under the age of 21 on the roster).

Instead, we are seeing the first year of a ruling agreed upon by the 20 EPL teams which requires each team to submit a senior roster of 25 players by September 1st to the FA. This 25 man roster is the only player pool a team can draw from until the winter break.

Good Stadium Gone Bad

I know what you are thinking. This can't possibly be a stand for opposing team's fans. Well then, you've never been to Miejski Klub Sportowy Znicz Pruszków in Poland.

Apparently, from the look of it, it's more for Ultras that get a little out of hand at matches. Either way, at least they still get to watch their team play.


26 July, 2010

2010 Milk Cup Starts Today

Because of the inquiries, I'm linking the Denmark v US game live feed link here. It starts 3pm EST July 28th.

The look at our up and coming USMNT players is getting under way today (~2pm EST) when the US takes on China in Northern Ireland for the Milk Cup. With a squad including Sacir Hot (Boston College), Gale Agbossoumonde (on loan w/FC Braga), and Samir Badr(FC Porto B), we look pretty strong.

Now, I'm not going to bother reading into the results too much with this (good or bad), but it's good experience for the boys and may generate some interest from some teams abroad to pick some up and help develop them more for the future.

Former Spurs and North Ireland Keeper Pat Jennings. I'm sure there is a joke to be had with these shirts.

25 July, 2010

Kansas City v Manchester United Highlights

If you haven't figured it out by now, it's a highlights kind of day. Spurs drew Sporting Lisbon, Man City got bashed by the Red Bulls and now Man U loses to... wait for it... Kansas City. Yeah, 2-1. Now granted, ManU wasn't playing all their starters, but they did have several in the lineup, so this is still a bit of a shocker to me.

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Video: MLS

Manchester City v NY Red Bulls Highlights

Wow, Man City has some problems. First they have to lose 8 players before the start of the season or those players can't play till winter (barring a loan deal down to the championships) and now they get worked by NY. Ouch. Money can't buy you love...

Video: SkySportsNewsHD

Sporting Lisbon v Tottenham Highlights

Great game, lacking on defense for both sides. Going forward, Hutton should be playing a midfield role, because he was absolute crap, along with Corluka, shoring up the Spurs back line.

Video: RealMadridBarcelona9

Blackburn v Rangers Highlights

Rangers put away Blackburn 2-1 in a preseason friendly down under. Surprisingly, Rangers should have easily handled Blackburn and won 3-0, but a late penalty consolation for Blackburn kept the scoreline respectable.

Video: AndyRFC001

Sporting Lisbon v Tottenham NY Challenge LIVE

Sporting Lisbon v. Tottenham Hotspur at 1pm EST

After that, stick around for an encore with Man City v. NY Red Bulls at 3:30pm EST

Video: Veetle

4 Days Left to Win a Thierry Henry Autograph

Just four days left. Make sure you click on the link above to get to the photo to comment.

Mano Menezes Takes Over Brazil

A relatively unproven coach has taken over Brazil. No, more experienced then Dunga, so that's always a plus. Menezes, most recently coach of Corinthians and Fat Ronaldo (also current Brazilian shot stopper Julio Cesar), has stepped up after Fluminese refused to release Muricy Ramalho to the national team.

Menezes has a history of stepping in to clubs that our floundering in the tables and turning them into world beaters. He's also got a history of developing young talent which should help with this slowly aging team.

Menezes will be in charge of the Brazil team facing the US next month. He also plans on announcing his roster Aug 10th.

Photo: Terra

Getting a Soccer Ball into the Hands of Every Child

This is another from the file of "cool". Back in 2009, a Korean design studio called Unplug Design, came up with an ingenious way of combining food with soccer. The result was this:

Man City, Buying Your Heart Any Way It Can

I came across this one in the wee hours of the morning. The premise is this, several ManCity players hop out of a van on their US tour and play pickup ball in a borough of NYC. "Wow, great, these guys are my idols. Look at what they are doing. Getting in touch with the people." That's nice and all, but this Umbro sponsored marketing ploy reads a little deeper into Man City's plans to put their name on everything soccer, for good or bad.

Remember, this is a team that is dropping ridiculous salaries in the laps of players (some deserving) to buy a place in the Big 4 a la Chelski, I mean Chelsea. They look at the Blues and want that piece of the pie, that corporate buy-in from fans around the world despite the fact that 20 yrs ago, Chelsea was absolute piss. Prior to the 1990s, they had a handful of cups to their entire history. Now, Chelsea is averaging a cup each year.

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