25 September, 2010

Liverpool v Sunderland Highlights

Gerrard pulls a rabbit out of his hat and saves Liverpool from dropping points to Sunderland. Too bad he can't save them from their owners. Final Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2.

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Arsenal v West Brom Highlights

So you knock out Spurs 4-1 in the 3rd rd of the FA Cup with your bench warmers and start chanting "Do you want a dvd of that?". Feels pretty good, right? How bout bringing back your 1st teamers to lose to West Brom? To give them their first win of the season...

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Carlos Tevez is No Samson

Samson's hair was cut and he lost all his power. Not so with Carlos. Cut his, and he takes out Chelsea. Man City gets 3pts in a 1-0 win against Chelsea while Chelsea come crashing back to reality after the last few weeks of crushing Championship fodder.

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The Beautiful Game (pt 10)

East Greenland Soccer Championships

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24 September, 2010

Crippled keeper's plight is soccer's shame

If you remember back to the CAF's tournament just prior to the World Cup this year. Togo's team was taking a bus through Angola, where armed separatists were causing strife. Despite a small armed escort, the rebels opened fire on the Togolese bus, killing the driver, a coach, one of the press and crippling their keeper. Subsequently, Togo pulled out of the tournament only to have the CAF ban them from playing in it again for the next two years in a heartless move.

Now that you have some refresher background and because I can't do this story the justice that it deserves, be sure to click on it to get the AP's in depth reporting.

Neymar Dropped From Brazil Squad for October Matches

Hot on the heels of being further disciplined by his club team Santos for having an unchecked ego, Neymar has been dropped from Brazil's two October friendlies (both against Argentina).

Brazilian National Coach Menezes seemingly agreed with now fired Santos coach Dorival Junior for benching Neymar and his ego. This is interesting as Neymar turned down big money from Chelsea to stay in Brazil this offseason. Seemingly, it's now because of money, or at least the kid thinks he is owed everything for staying.

And just like that, another soccer megalomaniac is created.


And You Thought You Had A Bad Day

Brescia played Roma over the weekend. Nothing big. Heck, I'm not even one to want to watch Italian football on the account of all that diving and acting... I get enough of that at the local theater when I actually am drug out to see a show, so when I heard about this game, I figured I hadn't seen a good show in a while. And I was right.

First, French defender (for Roma) Mexes gets all ball on a breakaway yet is straight red carded. And honestly, the guy may have been offsides as well, but it was close.

Personally, I love the calm demeanor right up till he is about to go all crazy on the AR.

Then, already down to 10 men, and with about 1-2 minutes of injury time left in the game, the Roma keeper comes out and this happens:

It's been reported that it was a dislocated ankle, but my Italian sucks so I can't back that up. Either way, Roma had used all their subs so the keeper had to just suck it up and get back between the pipes with just some tape holding his ankle together.

Oh, and Roma ended up losing 2-1.

It's still not going to get me watch Serie A ball, but it's good to see an interesting game come out of there every once in a while.

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23 September, 2010

Where in the World is Lothar?

Since we last joined our intrepid German, Matthäus, has been quite the busy bee.

Lothar spent some time bouncing around Europe coaching after retiring from playing. He's been everywhere from Rapid Vienna to Partizan Belgrade, and then jumping up to the national pool by taking over as the head coach for Hungary from 2003-5.

And he wasn't too bad as a national coach, either. He did win about ~40% of his games (11 of 28), which is more than quite a few of their previous coaches could say.

After he left (he was pretty bitter, after the fact, saying Hungary exploited their football players), he moved to Austria to coach Red Bull Salzburg and did a stint in Israel with Maccabi Netanya as well.

Now, he's back...

Welcome your new Bulgarian National Coach, Lothar Matthäus.

It makes some sense. His time with Partizan gave him some familiarity with the country and now that he and his 4th wife are living separately, he's got some time on his hands.

What remains to be seen is now that former Bulgarian coach Stoilov is out of the picture, will "King Sulk" Berbatov return to the fold with the Bulgarian National Team?

Viel Glueck, Herr Matthäus und bis spaeter.

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Why Radio Was Invented

Cause no one needs to see this... which is why we are posting it so you can see... (cue irony).

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Virtual Fans, Real Team

You run a team that's got a 10,000 seat stadium, your team is playing 2nd Div ball, they do marginally well in the standings, you even run promos like anyone buying $19 worth of groceries at the local store can get single game tickets for $1.30, yet you can't get more than 5-6K into the stands. What can you do to up attendance?

If you are Trieste in Italy's Serie B, you put up set covers silkscreened with fans. Suddenly, on tv, you have filled your entire stadium every home game.

Now, granted, the team isn't really hurting for income as the current tv sharing revenue makes up ~70% of their season revenue, and with the elimination of such nagging things as insurance, medical, security, etc for the now covered seats, as well as the fact they can probably pull a Chicago Cubs and start selling ad space, the revenue income could actually increase and more than offset the cost of the covers.

For those of you at home trying to fathom this, know that the town has a population of about 200,000 and with every Serie B game broadcast, for free, on local tv, the locals really don't have much incentive to go out to games, so to actually pull ~5-6K every home game is pretty good.

22 September, 2010

The Offsides Rule Explained

Take a moment to enjoy John Cleese's take on the offsides rule:

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Your Foosball Introduction

I can't tell if this guy is being serious, but between the flip-up sunglasses and the comments like "...and you, the loser, would serve the ball," you kind of have to wonder. Either way, enjoy.

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21 September, 2010

Blackstone Tells Hicks to Fornicate Himself

Wow. Didn't see this coming did you? Looks like the Telegraph is reporting that Blackstone feels Hick's (and subsequently Liverpool's) debt is not worth their time or effort.

Suddenly, it looks like anyone with $10 laying around, and a penchance for playing with a whole lot of debt may be able to pick up an EPL team for relatively cheap.

Perhaps someone ought to tell the guys over at MyFootballClub that they can make a serious upgrade. They couldn't be any worse than what Liverpool fans have to deal with at the moment.

What do the five fingers say about your debt?

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Gale Agbossoumonde Released by Sporting Braga

Jason Davis over at MatchFitUSA caught this on Yanks-Abroad's site: "[Sporting Braga] changed their staff all of a sudden and got a new director and a new president. At the last minute they disagreed [about bringing me back]."

So it looks as if Brazilian-run Traffic and Sporting Braga disagreed about contract terms after Braga changed management and as Abgossoumonde's contract came to an end (never-mind that Braga also is in relatively dire financial straits). After finishing up a disappointing run in Peru with the US U20 team, Gale returned to Portugal but is staying with fellow American Tony Taylor and training with Portuguese 2nd div team, Estoril while he decides where to go (presumably during the winter cycle, which is quite a ways off).

Now, technically, he is still on the books for FC Miami but whether they want to pay his contract or give him playing time, is a mute point as Traffic owns them and has partial ownership of Estoril. Apparently, Traffic feels that Gale would be better served training with a higher caliber team while they market him around.

Granted, he was limited on playing time with Braga's first team, but he did acquit himself well in North Ireland running the back line for the US team so it is quite possible that we may see him return to a 1st div team in Portugal. Most likely, though, he may be better served (and marketed) by making a run for the nordic leagues of Denmark, Norway and Sweden where American defenders have shown themselves to be quite prolific.

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20 September, 2010

Workout With Vinnie Jones

From the former Welsh national who brought you this... comes a little bit of comedy:

So sit back and enjoy (and also notice the blatant Hollywood FC promotion).

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Hooray, It's Monday!

It's going to be a long week. Here's a little something something to get you through today:

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Joke of the Day

So Malcolm Glazer walks into a children's museum and proceeds to teach children about proper banking... Well, it's not a joke.

Welcome to The Glazer Children's Museum. Kids can take their turns at sports, engineering, a cruise ship and learning proper banking where "Children can explore the basics of banking and commerce through fun activities and toys. Earn 'money' by answering questions or doing simple activities – then 'spend' it to make something happen like powering a train, launching a rocket, or lighting up City Hall!"

Now presumably, they won't let you make complicated financial transactions such as taking out leveraged loans so that you can purchase large football clubs and then promptly run up the debt and tell their fan clubs to go fornicate themselves, but it is the Glazer family, so I wouldn't be surprised if that function was still allowed.

No word yet on how the Museum is being paid for, but I would watch your kids to make sure they aren't being mortgaged like Liverpool is considering with their players.

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19 September, 2010

The Case of Hard To Find Highlights

Sure, you missed your match over the weekend. The DVR was broken, the wife was yelling at you, you had chores to do, whatever. So, what is a guy supposed to do to watch the goal highlights from his favorite match?

It's one thing to read about the missed game, but entirely another to watch some of it. Rarely, you'll get lucky enough to watch a rerun during the week on FSC or GolTv or something. Maybe you will even drop the $5-$10 to watch a month's worth of games on your club's website, but we're talking one measly game, right?

So, you are like me and you jump over to Youtube trying to track the game down. For example, I just missed the Man U v Liverpool game. Berbatov netted a hat trick and Gerrard, not to be outdone, puts 2 in by himself.

Hmmm, search "Man U v Liverpool". About 100 pages pop up. Okay, narrow that down to those uploaded this week. Not sure how, but several people are somehow all seeing and that carries over to their ability to upload their clairvoyance onto Youtube two days before the game actually happens. Oh, wait, you click on it and a "copyrights prevent us from..." text comes up but, you can go to their site and download it for a price. How convenient.

Goal of the Week

At first, there was one clear winner for this, but after this weekend, I'm actually stumped between three. I'll show them to you and you can help me decide:

Berbatov Bike vs. Liverpool

Fabregas's no look deflection

Edmar's Backheel Corner Goal

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Right To Dream Soccer Academy

Earlier, around the time of the World Cup, we linked in the entire documentary "Soccer's Lost Boys" from Vanguard. It depicted the slave mentality created by sketchy talent scouts preying on youths who may/may not have an actual shot at playing pro soccer at some level.

An excerpt from that show was rerun last night, and it got me thinking about the times that people actually do something good (even if sometimes their associates are not good hearted).

The following is a shorter (~4min) part of that show. Maybe there is something good about soccer in Africa.

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