09 October, 2010

Argentina v Japan Friendly

Now don't read into this too much. Japan wanted Messi to show up after he snubbed them during a Barcelona trip to Asia where Barca was admittedly just screwing around and "didn't want to be there". In the Argentina contract, Messi was to appear for at least half the match or Argentina would forfeit nearly $1mil.

That said, this was a nearly full WC squad for Argentina. They had Sergio Batista in charge on an interim basis (and I think it's safe to say he won't be the permanent replacement) while Japan was led by former AC Milan coach Zaccheroni.

Japan wins 1-0 behind a rebound goal by Okazaki.

Video: SASportstv

The Beautiful Game (pt 12)

Nicosia, Cypus on the Green Line separating the Turkish and Greek halves of Cyprus

Photo: Jonathan Blair/Corbis

Euro 2012 Qualifiers: Denmark v Portugal

Nani nets two in Portuguese coach Paulo Bento's debut. Portugal wins 3-1.

Video: Skillsbylipe

07 October, 2010

Sod Off, Hicks and Gillett and Another Reason to Hate Liverpool

Some Liverpudians and Director Mike Jeffries put together a viral ad online restating that they want Hicks and Gillett to Go Walk Alone. Preferably, off a short pier. In shark infested waters.

Having enlisted several big names in support of his efforts, such as Samuel L "Mother ______" Jackson, Jefferies, like many fans, and not even just Liverpool fans, is tired of people buying into clubs just as a show of wealth without taking into account the feelings of fans.

First, Liverpool fans were lied to by then owner, David Moores, saying that he would never sell the club to Hicks and Gillett. Then after financing their purchase by shifting debt onto the club, the dynamic duo grossly overprice the club to turn a quick profit. Now...

Word is circulating that the Red Sox and New England Sports Ventures are purchasing the club for an undisclosed fee. While the Red Sox may be looking to capitalize on the ads by Liverpool fans in that they both want the Yanks to die (see the entendre there?), the upside is that the Red Sox have a good recent track record of spending money and getting results. Whether they can do that with Liverpool, remains to be seen.

Yet, there is irony in all of this. Hicks is poised to make legal claims that the proposed sale is unlawful... Does the guy have a death wish and a desire to lose even more money?

Photo: The Telegraph

04 October, 2010

De Jong, Professional Hack

Miss that Man City game over the weekend? Here, let me break it down for you. Ben Arfa hacked down, PK, Tevez scores, Gutierrez scores, then Johnson scores. Final, 2-1 Man City.

Oh, and did you catch the play on words there? "Let me break it down..." Yeah, De Jong came in with a late follow through to break yet another leg. This time, Ben Arfa is expected to be out for the season. Let's see, that's 3 in the last 7mo alone that De Jong has brutally injured.

On a positive note, Holland has now axed De Jong from Euro qualifiers. Somehow, I don't think the Dutch will be hard up for a replacement mid.

Nigeria Ban Back On

The NFF and Nigeria's government have had an on/off relationship recently. After recently deciding that getting banned for 2 yrs wasn't in the best interest of soccer, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan (you can't make these names up in Nigeria), decided to recind the recent self-imposed ban and instead investigate several NFF officers.

The results? Seems like they were embezzling ~$6mil dollars from the 2006 WC for such things as paying for nearly 200 people to attend South Africa when only ~20 officers did.

That's a whole lot of interns/mistresses/etc.

So, now the ban is back on until such time as Nigeria returns all such people to power. I can understand some need for control but when FIFA wants to keep the graft going for their own purposes, well... Hurrah corruption!


03 October, 2010

Goal of the Week (pt2)

Again, not big on the Italian Serie A, but damn if this wasn't impressive. Looks like he just caresses it in from 30yrds out.

Pirlo scores AC Milan's lone goal in a 1-0 win vs Parma over the weekend

Video: Goalzzhd

EPL Highlights: Blackpool v Liverpool

Sweet taste of victory... Liverpool just can't "buy" a brake after dropping one to Blackpool 2-1.

Video: EPL Matches

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