23 October, 2010

Greed, Meet Corruption

It's been a long week. Two Ex-Co officials have been recorded talking terms of bribes to be paid, in cash, to them in exchange for their support in the WC 2022 bid. The same two said officials have since been "suspended", which actually means they don't get to meet with the other FIFA bribe takers for tea, crumpets or wipe their faces cash napkins afterwards for a whole 30 days. Travesty, I know. And now word is floating that the Spain/Portugal WC 2018 bid and Qatar's 2022 bid are in collusion?

Seriously? What is this world coming to when FIFA officials are corrupt and take money any way they can? Oh, yeah. I forgot.

To break it down, here's some of the video of the approach made by two fake US business consortium reps:

The Beautiful Game (pt. 14)


Photo: Miguel Vera

22 October, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

So, we see Rooney squat a big fat 0 in South Africa only to return to England and notch a single goal for Euro qualifying and for Man U respectively. When you are outscored by the likes of Nani and Berbatov, heck even Micheal "I'm always injured" Owen has a better strike rate at 1 in 4 appearances, you know something's up.

Follow the poor display on the field by the even poorer one off (women, injury, arguing with the skipper) and you just have the makings of someone on the transfer list.


21 October, 2010

CONCACAF CL Group Stage ends today

There is justice in the world. With a win by Santos Laguna of Mexico over Municipal of Guatemala, the Columbus Crew has clinched qualification to the quarterfinal round of the CONCACAF Champions League before even playing their final game tonight against Joe Public of Trinidad. You may recall that Columbus was denied a win over Santos Laguna when Andy Iro changed a blood-stained jersey for a clean one without a number on the back. The fourth official approved it, the center referee waved him on, Iro scored, and then the center referee disallowed the goal for an illegal uniform. Well, Santos Laguna saved the Crew's tournament. If Santos had lost, and then the Crew had at least tied, Municipal could have eliminated group leader Santos. So, it was in Santos Laguna's best interest to win and they did, clinching the group regardless of what Columbus does tonight. Look for the Crew to rest their starters against last-place Joe Public.

20 October, 2010

Champions League: Tottenham v Inter Milan Highlights

Son, you just missed a GAME. Damn. A goal in the first 2min, a red carded keeper by the 9th minute, and a 4-0 lead by half. And then a hat-trick stunning almost comeback. Wow.
Inter 4 - Spurs 3 with the hat-trick from Bale including 2 in injury time.

Video: Liverpool1992

Your Club's Supporters Aren't ***t

Yeah, couldn't think of another title cause I'm lazy at the moment (ie- see pic to right). What is cool is that a fan has made every away game this season (including the one to Tromso way the heck up north in Norway during the Icelandic volcano fiasco). In this case, the trip wasn't as far, but he was the only Sandefjord fan in the away section and had all three security types for that section by him (who else were they going to possibly protect?). By the way, how many of you would do what this guy has done? Personally, my wife would leave my nuts in a jar up on the mantel for the rest of the season.

Now the resulting event is something you don't usually see. Following the Tippeligaen game (Norwegian 1st div), the Sandefjord players all went over to thank their fan for attending. Sad to see a 1st div team only have one fan in attendance, but that's cool as hell to see the team make the effort to thank them as he made more than an effort to support them.

I'm thinking they should name one of their home bleachers after this guy or at least pay for his room/board for the next season on away matches. Of note is the fact that the team has subsequently invited him to the end of the season team party. Hope he's not the only one who shows (cue trombone wah wah)...

Photo: Tom Scott ,AP

19 October, 2010

Champions League: Bayern v Cluj

Wow, colossal cluster for Cluj in a matter of 5 minutes result in 2, count 'em 2, own goals and subsquently cost them the 3pts. Bayern wins 3-2.

Video: Liverpool1992

Champions League: Arsenal v Shaktar Donetsk

Arsenal comes out firing before Shaktar gets a token goal late to make it 5-1 Arsenal at the Emirates.

Video: Dailymotion

Champions League: AC Milan v Real Madrid Highlights

Another freekick goal for merC Ronaldo and a second goal by new signing Ozil just seconds later as Real run away 2-0 winners.

Video: Azimuhamid

Champions League: Chelsea v Spartak

Chelsea exorcised some demons in Moscow today. Two first half goals (Anelka and Zhirkov) prove the game winners.

Video: Dailymotion

CL Play Today

Group E
Bayern Munich v Cluj
Roma v Basel

Group F
Marseille v MSK Zilina
Spartak Moscow v Chelsea

Group G
Ajax v Auxerre
Real Madrid v AC Milan

Group H
Arsenal v Shakhtar Donetsk
Braga v Partizan Belgrade

While Shakhtar v Arsenal and Real v AC Milan will be getting the big billing on FSC today, I'll be watching Bayern v Cluj. Why? The other two, I can dvr and come back because they'll be tight low scoring affairs where neither wants to give up the big goals. Bayern, however, need something to draw the fans attention away from not leading the Bundesliga at the moment(I seem to remember the same problem with Klinsmann in charge and that's why the canned him...)although they do have 6pts so far in group play while Cluj has the history of surprising group play beating Roma 2-1 last year in Rome in CL play and holding Chelsea 0-0 (you remember them, the finalist for 2009?)

So what will you be watching?

Photo: FIFA

De La Torre is Your Next Ex-Mexico Coach

You catch that joke there? Mexico just can't seem to hang on to coaches. Whether they chase them out of town with pitchforks or just outright make them go crying home to their mommies (we're looking at you Sven Goran).

"Chepo" had a modest career spanning 16 years of club ball in Mexico's Primera Division and made 28 appearances for the National side before going into coaching. Coaching may be for him. He's won the Championship with Chivas in his first year of coaching (2006) before moving on to Toluca where he won it again.

That said, he doesn't take over until January on a contract that runs through WC2014. "We welcome Jose Manuel De La Torre, who was unanimously elected with the unconditional support of all first division teams," said President of the Mexican Football Federation Justino Compean.

18 October, 2010

Special 1 TV (It's Back!)

Ah yeah... More Sven pimping... "Who the heck told you that wearing a gray suit makes you look respectable?"

Video: BBCComedy

Everton v Liverpool Highlights

Cahill and Arteta just like to stick the knife in on Liverpool. Goals on either half of the half provide 'pool haters just another moment of joy as Liverpool fall 2-0 away with new owners in place.

Video: Dailymotion

Blackpool v Man City Highlights

A flurry of goals in the 2nd half, including 2 in injury time, make for some fun watching as does an early (incorrectly) disallowed goal by Blackpool. If you don't have it on the DVR, sit back, and enjoy the highlights. City win in the end 3-2 behind another strong performance by Tevez (albeit, his first goal was clearly offsides).

Video: Dailymotion

17 October, 2010

Your Sunday Joke

Bribery you say? In FIFA? Over World Cup bids? No....

So two FIFA members walk into a bar and ask for bribes. Well, guess by now that you realize it isn't a joke.

The Sunday Times (UK) has two ExCo members on the Bid Committee for 2018/2022 on video telling fake US businessmen that they want certain favors (Nigeria wants $800K, cash, "for artificial turf fields") in exchange for "confidence that you want the WC in your country".

Man U v WBA Highlights

Javier Herandez puts a rebound shot home off a free kick in the 5'. Nani puts Man U up 2-0 before the 2nd half comes to a close. Despite this, the Red Devils manage to give up an own goal by Evra (although there were 2 WB players right there and it could have easily been give to them for tapping it in) and a goal by Tchoyi snatches a draw for WBA.

Rooney sat the bench until the 72'. While SAF has said that Rooney has an ankle injury, Rooney was interviewed about it and said "What ankle injury?" and that he hasn't missed practice. Ooops. Sounds like a little unusual dissention from Rooney (which is really not typical for him or Man U players in general).

Video: EPL2011

Bolton v Stoke Highlights

Chung-yong (I've been telling you to watch this guy on the underrated Bolton squad) puts a cracker in the first half while Klasnic seals the deal in injury time off a throw-in. Klasnic, though, also managed to pick up a red in less than 30 seconds after his goal to get a pointless suspension for the next match against Wigan.

Video: Turkozan55

Newcastle v Wigan Highlights

N'Zogbia puts on a clinic in a span of 1 minute and scores twice in the first half only to have Newcastle come back and level it behind a injury time goal from Colocinni.

Video: Dailymotion

Fulham v Tottenham Highlights

Duece sets up a nice Kamara goal (unmarked at the back post). Van der Vaart returns the favor less than 1 minute later. Huddlestone puts the dagger in with a long range strike through a crowd that may (or may not) have involved an offsides player. Either way, it was ruled a goal, and Spurs win 2-1.


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