30 October, 2010

Proof That Mexico and the US Are Like Reeses

or "Dempsey Drops a Deuce". A title like that, though, is almost too easy.

Well kids, with service like this and opponents like Wigan, it can almost be too easy. Dempsey outscores Wigan, 2-0 in the win this morning.

Plus, I had to play up the chocolate and peanut butter angle for Halloween. Enjoy it like you would some candy, stolen from a baby...

The first assist is courtesy of Mexican National Salcido. Nice pick up for them from the Eredivisie, ain't it? The guy has been playing amazing since crossing the English Channel. Dempsey isn't complaining.

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The Beautiful Game (pt. 15)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Need a reason to run down and pick me up some National Geographic on Rom disc for Christmas? Here it is... they got soccer.

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29 October, 2010

And the Quarterback is Toast!

You may remember one of the great lines from Die Hard in the post title. But unlike the titular line, Jermaine Jones ain't coming back any time soon. On the upside, I think the issue of who to start at CM for the US just resolved itself.

In the waning minutes of the German Deutscher Pokal, Jones picked up a knock that relegated him to a stationary bike for training this week. Further tests revealed ligament damage, including a torn ligament and damage to another.

With the next and probably last match for the USMNT this year being in South Africa on November 17th, Jones has little hope of seeing playing time with the US until Gold Cup qualifying early next year. It also throws into doubt playing time with 16th place Schalke 04 in both UEFA CL play this year and possibly through the winter break in Bundesliga action.

Jermaine, it was nice knowing you, but you pick up more injuries than a Tottenham center back.

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Altinha aka Another Reason to Visit Brazil

Thanks to The Original Winger for finding this one.

Is it a sport? Well, more than NASCAR or Bowling. It's the supped up version of that warm-up kick around stuff you've been doing prior to game time. Oh, yeah, and with much hotter women.

(make sure you hit "cc" for the closed caption translation)

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27 October, 2010

Russia Cries And Runs Home to Mommy

FIFA has rules in place to prevent slander being lobbed at countries bidding for the same tournament. So, when Russia and their rep Alexy Sorokin, merely "pointed out" that England had a high crime rate, heavy underage drinking and was known for racial taunting, he forgot to mention that Russia was even more renowned for such actions:

What was funny is that now Sorokin claims that the media is misquoting him and calls the subsequent English complaint filed with FIFA as "primitive". This coming from a man who describes the waving of bananas at African players in Russia during games as not being racist.

Ironically, it was Sorokin that whined that the FA never sent an apology over the Lord Triesman complaint that Spain and Russia were in collusion... And we don't see anyone apologizing to Lord Triesman now that more evidence to back up his allegations have come out either.

We're thinking the arguments are pretty petty, but considering how many separate media sources are reporting what Sorokin said, it's hard to believe him or the fact that he's not trying to influence anyone with his comments.

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Jozy Scores in Cup Play

Don't read too much into this. Jozy put one past the 3rd division side (Segunde B) Polideportivo Ejido in the first half only to have them equalize in stoppage time. The big news is that Ejido had previously eliminated Villareal in 2008 by an aggregate score of 6-1, so count this in the bracket of "improvement".

This was a first leg match at Ejido, so expect Villareal to not play any games at home when they meet up again on November 10th.

25 October, 2010

Think She'll Ever Play Again?

It's so painfully funny... like a train-wreck you know is going to happen. Enjoy.

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24 October, 2010

Feyenoord, Definition of Futility

I know some of my Dutch friends are going to get all over me about this one being just a single game in the Eredivisie this season and Feyenoord was playing 1 man down from the 34', but 10 goals, 8 of them in the 2nd half? Wow... worst loss for Feyenoord in their 102 year history. PSV rolls, 10-0.

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C. Ronaldo, Clinician

Wow, haven't been keeping up on my La Liga lately. Maybe I should after Ronaldo puts in 4 on Racing... Damn.

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EPL: Man U v Stoke

Chicharito just keeps going towards EPL newcomer of the year with two more goals in the Red Devils win. By the way, where was Rooney and his 250K quid/week scoring? Still waiting...

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EPL: Newcastle v West Ham Highlights

Goals from Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan get Newcastle the 3 pts.

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EPL: Everton v Tottenham Highlights

Never going to see an easier goal for RVV than the one he scores against Everton. Additionally, I'm sparing you the rest of the game where Crouchy falls down under pressure repeatedly. For Everton, Leighton Baines hits a smoking free kick.

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EPL: Fulham v WBA Highlights

Apparently, there wasn't a second half to this match, cause the scoring was all done in the first, with WBA walking away the 2-1 winners.

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