06 November, 2010

The Beautiful Game (pt. 16)

Not quite sure the pitch is regulation, but when you can brag that this pitch is probably one of the most exclusive on Earth, and you played it, I figure, no one else will care what size it is.


Photo: Reuters

Ibrahimovic and Gooch Scrap

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between perennial a** Ibrahimovic and USMNT defender Onyewu? Well, while we don't have video of it yet, apparently, the two "had a lively scrap" during practice in which Ibrahimovic apparently was a little over-zealous in his tackling of Gooch. Gooch retaliated by putting the 6ft5 striker in a choke hold. Both were booted from practice and have since, according to the team, "settled their differences". Yeah...

To give you an idea of what Ibrahimovic likes to do to "prank" teammates in practice, enjoy this bit:

Video: vonderburk

Oh Really?

Current FIFA WC Bid inspector (one of several inspectors) and Exec on the South Africa bid for the 2010 World Cup Danny Jordaan has now admitted that he attempted to bribe England's FA to withdraw from the 2006 WC bid that eventually went to Germany by offering Nelson Mandela's support for a 2010 England bid. Now, Jordaan, claims that this can't happen any more because of "lucrative deals with corporate sponsors that would prevent a late withdrawal".

Funny. I could swear that we saw England and the US both just pull out of the 2022 and 2018 bid respectively and there is only about a month till the bid is selected...

With bribery commonplace in FIFA and now being talked about openly by a FIFA member with no suggestion of punishment, I think the public outcry should be reaching new levels and a cleaning of house is in order. Will it happen? No. Too many hands in the pockets of each other. Sad and true.

05 November, 2010

Unofficial Football World Champions

I came across some interesting stuff while researching for an upcoming interview. Did you know that the US was a World Champion in Soccer back in 1992 (bonus if you can name the team we beat to win the title), and that the current title holders are Japan? Apparently, that World Cup stuff back in South Africa really was a waste of our time.

It's all broken down by the Unofficial World Cup. The general idea is that a team that holds the World Champion title remains the Champions until such time as they lose, and the new title holders are the team that defeated them. Simple. Previous holders even included Zimbabwe...

So how does that work, you ask, as Spain won the FIFA 2010 World Cup? Easy. Spain played Argentina in September and lost 4-1. Argentina then went to Japan and under new coach Sergio Batista, lost to Japan 1-0. Japan is now the title holders and look to remain so for a while as their next three matches are Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia in the 2011 AFC Cup.

Should one of those teams defeat Japan, they'll become the first ever Middle Eastern title holders. There is also some nacent support from FIFA on this, and a recently published book.

*By the way, the World Championship team we defeated? Portugal, 1-0, off a Roy Wegerle goal.

Photo: UFWC

Kids, Try This At Home (pt. 5)

A little overlap, but from a different guy, and hopefully, offers you a different perspective to try.

Video: JrGur

03 November, 2010

Domenech Sues FFF for Allowing Him to Ruin the FFF

Wha? Seriously? The same guy that was already set to be replaced post WC2010. The very same theater preferring, horoscope team lineup choosing social outcast who managed to inspire a whole team to sit out a practice and then lose to South Africa?

Yup. Apparently, because he's being "made a scapegoat of the FFF", Domenech wants 2.5mil Euro for his troubles. I guess the French really do know comedy.

Photo: thisislondon

Twellman Retires

A press conference has been scheduled later today for the expected retirement of Taylor Twellman. Only the 6th player to score 100 goals in MLS history with Landycakes being the most recent addition(bonus if you can name the other 4 - answer at the end), Twellman had numerous concussions that eventually led to his being forced into retirement.

Many may remember his efforts to push for a transfer overseas with several English teams reportedly interested a few years back, but the strong arm tactics resulted in nothing and eventually Twellman resigned with MLS. He also failed to live up to expectations with the USMNT despite a hat-trick against Norway, scoring a total of 6 times in 29 appearances (caps) for the USMNT.

02 November, 2010

Champions League: Tottenham Comes Up HUGE!

Going into today, ESPN was quoted as saying for Spurs to walk away with a draw at home against Inter Milan (especially after the debacle against Man U on Sunday) would be a huge plus.

So how about a 3-1 win?

Goals by Van der Vaart, Crouch and Pavlyuchenko offset the token 80' goal by Eto'o at White Hart Lane. Bale is the MOM yet again. Following a 3 goal performance in Italy last week, Bale gets 2 assists and has a third assist on a second Crouch goal disallowed on a marginal offsides call. Either way, Spurs looked heads above their current EPL form.

Spurs now move to the top of Group A, tied with Inter on points (7), but ahead on head to head and goal differential. FC Twente is in third with 5pts with two games remaining in group play.

Oh and watching the highlights again. Got three words for the Inter right back... "you got smoked".

Video: nmslive

EPL: Blackpool v WBA Highlights

It wasn't pretty, but two red cards to WBA in the first half led to a 2-1 win for Blackpool. Blackpool mid, Charlie Adam scores from the spot while Luke Varney seals the deal for 'pool. Mulumbu pulls back a late goal for WBA in the waning minutes.

Video: giniruslan

01 November, 2010

EPL: Newcastle v Sunderland Highlights

If you needed any proof that Sunderland is getting relegated this season, it's the first Premiership hat-trick from Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan including scoring from his butt... on a flick over the keeper...

Video: ambujakshan

31 October, 2010

Can You Find The Mistake?

Okay, now watch that one more time. I count several errors in allowing the goal. One, the Nani flop (yes he had a shirt tug on him, but clearly dives in the box). Second, Nani proceeds to handle the ball. Three, this I'm less sure about, but shouldn't Nani be offsides as the ball was brought forward then placed on the ground whereby he then kicked it from an offsides position? Someone has to check me on that. Four, it's Nani. That should be an error in call by itself, although he did set up the first Man U goal from a freekick earlier.

Any which way you slice it, someone needs to pull the ref out back and have a talking to him after that blunder. Man U though goes on to win 2-0.

Video: ambujakshan

EPL: Man City v Wolverhampton Highlights

Cause they lost to Wolves... yeah, that and they seem to drop points to the most random teams. here, despite a penalty goal from Adebayor, Man City can't hold on and drops a goal on either side of the half to lose 2-1 to Wolves.

Video: ambujakshan

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