13 November, 2010

Copa America 2011 Teams Announced

On the heels of us sending yet another joke of a squad last year to the Copa, we were not asked back (good move Bradley). Instead we see perennial contenders, Mexico, as well as newcomer Japan. Japan is riding in on the feeling of beating Argentina 1-0 in Japan. How they will do in Copa America, we'll have to wait and see.

The Beautiful Game (pt.17)

Seya, Uganda

Photo: Tothenations

11 November, 2010

US Announces South Africa Friendly Roster


Goalkeepers: Dominic Cervi (Glasgow Celtic, Scotland), Brad Guzan (Aston Villa, England)

Defenders: Gale Agbossoumonde (Estoril Praia, Portugal), Nat Borchers (Salt Lake), Jonathan Bornstein (Tigres, Mexico), Clarence Goodson (Brondby, Denmark), Eric Lichaj (Aston Villa, England), Tim Ream (New York), Jonathan Spector (West Ham, England)

Midfielders: Alejandro Bedoya (Orebro, Sweden), Brian Carroll (Columbus), Mikkel Diskerud (Stabaek, Norway), Eddie Gaven (Columbus), Logan Pause (Chicago), Robbie Rogers (Columbus)

Forwards: Juan Agudelo (New York), Teal Bunbury (Kansas City), Robbie Findley (Salt Lake)

Looks like we finally see someone other than Guzan or Howard between the pipes (maybe), as well as some promising young players. Lichaj will be getting the call and not too soon as he just made his 1st first team AV appearance yesterday and having yet to really get significant playing time with the US squad during the Colombia match, should see some more pitch time in South Africa.

So who are you excited to see?

Photo: USSF

Edu Injured, Altidore Scores

This one's a two parter. First, Edu got stretchered off in the 43' in a 3-0 loss to Hibernian. Apparently, it was a clumsy tackle on him and according to his Twitter, he's getting a scan sometime in the next 24-48 hours so obviously it's not the best news.

This is the same knee he injured back in 2009 and needed surgery on, so our well wishes are with him.

As for Altidore, he scored his 2nd of the season. Yeah, again on 3rd div. Ejido in the 4th round of Copa del Rey action. As a plus, he did manage to accomplish something that the last two years worth of Villareal players couldn't, which is defeat Ejido. Both times Villareal was knocked out of cup action by the upstarts.

Villareal moves on 3-1 agg.

Joey Barton, Model Citizen

So what do you do to a player that does some unwarranted brushing up to you during a match, not that it even looked like he was walking towards Barton, but rather Barton was looking to be bumped? Well, you forearm shiver them to the chest, and then claim to the ref that you merely tapped him.

Mr. Barton has received a 3 game ban for his actions and later said "he was sorry". Can't think a guy who's been jailed and fined numerous fines for violent conduct means "sorry".

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Ian Halloway Tries to Pull a 'Arry Out of His Hat

Following the 3-2 loss by Blackpool to Aston Villa, the press questioned Ian over his choice to change his lineup from the 2-2 draw with Everton over the weekend. Sure, a loss will make anyone question the skipper, but when they change 10 of the 11 players?

Now typically, you'd hear complaints and possible fines when a team plays a cup match, or even has an upcoming cup match, so as to rest their important players, but perhaps the media hasn't seen the Blackpool squad lately. You know the one, the same one that was 5 players short of a complete roster with 2 weeks to go before the start of the season?

10 November, 2010

Italy v USA Match November 27th

So what's the catch? Cause there is always a catch.

Well, there are several. One, it's a must win for the US. If they are to qualify for the World Cup 2011 in Germany, having lost 1-0 to Mexico, they have to defeat the 5th place team in qualifying for Europe. Oh, did I mention it's in Chicago in winter? WTF?! Not sure why this decision was made but we must be actually trying for something close to a homefield advantage and pray that the Italians don't like cold weather.

And the third catch? USWNT. That said, this is the same team that has been the closest thing the US has had to a Olymipic style Dream Team ever, and it's in female form.

They would like your support, so make sure you pick up some seriously warm clothes and pray that Ticketmaster actually gets the code right to show the tickets on sale (unlike the twice broken link they sent me for pre-order) and get yourself to Chicago around Thanksgiving.

Game on.

08 November, 2010

Goal of the Week

We have some good choices for you this week. Great weekend for games and goals.

07 November, 2010

FIFA Corruption Investigation Harms FA Bid for 2018 World Cup?

While I'm not quite sure how this has made the news, the fact that I'm not surprised that this is being floated and somewhat accepted is a sad moral result of FIFA and their corruption.

The general idea is this, two FIFA Bid Selection members were singled out by a UK tabloid and caught on tape talking up being bribed to help the US get the 2022 Bid. So, no the US wasn't really involved, and no, the FA wasn't involved in this either, rather two FIFA members (one from Tahiti-OFC, and the other Nigeria-AFC). Are you still with me here?

EPL: Arsenal v Newcastle

Andy Carroll celebrated the rumor that he'll be leaving Newcastle for a lot more money by putting one in on Arsenal just before halftime. It ended up being the lone goal in an otherwise pretty boring game (despite the favorable result). For you kids at home, that means Newcastle is in 5th in the standings so far, and Arsenal are now in a tie for 3rd with 20pts a-piece.

Video: Fargru

EPL: Chelsea v Liverpool

Perhaps the title ought to instead be "Fernando Torres 2 - Chelsea 0". It was a good day.

Video: alabalcho

SPL: Aberdeen v Celtic Highlights

Usually don't do SPL unless it's Celtic v Rangers because the dropoff in talent between the top 3-4 teams and the bottom is HUGE. That said, when you put 9 in on an opponent, you have to get some love. Two hat-tricks, two pk goals, and an own goal round it up.

Video: congovideos

EPL: Stoke v Sunderland Highlights

This game was actually a little more exciting than the scoreline suggests. Stoke had a no goal called because the linesman couldn't see the ball cross the goal line during a scrum and Sunderland had a pk on a questionable foul denied by some good goalkeeping. Despite that, 2 goals by Asamoah Gyan prove enough. Sunderland wins 2-0.

Video: alabalcho

EPL: Blackpool v Everton

Game was pretty much done in the first 60 mins. Four goals between the teams, and Cahill celebrates another goal by abusing a corner flag. Game ends 2-2.

Video: supersportlive

EPL: Manchester United v Wolves Highlights

Manchester again needed injury time to get yet another win on the back of a player not named Rooney (in his defense, he's run to the US to get rehab treatment on his injury to avoid British tabloids- or pick up American women). South Korean stud mid Park Ji-Sung gets 2 to get ManU the win, 2-1.

Video: Todayfooty

EPL: Bolton v Tottenham Highlights

Bolton came to play. Bale was shut down pretty effectively, the last three goals were the goals of the match (until the successive goal was scored) and Huddlestone is going to be getting a phone call from the FA for stamping on a player. Yup, exciting game. Bolton wins 4-2.

Video: todayfoot

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