20 November, 2010

EPL: Liverpool v West Ham Highlights

Johnson, Kuyt and Maxi Rodriguez put in 3 quick ones then switch to cruise before riding out 3-0 winners at Anfield.

Going to apologize now for the video quality.

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EPL: Man U v Wigan Highlights

Evra and Chicharito both score to put Wigan down. No big surprises, no big Rooney... Seeing a pattern here?

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EPL: Bolton v Newcastle Highlights

This was just a stunner of a weekend. Spurs win at Arsenal, Chelsea loses to Birmingham and Bolton breaks off Newcastle. Well, at least Andy Carroll scored again, with Kevin Davies converted pks to begin and end all the scoring and Holden denied by an amazing save... Yup, good game. Don't look now, but Bolton is sitting 5th in the EPL tables...

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Chelski fans, look away. You are about to see your team lose it's 2nd game in as many matches, the first in years. And to Birmingham? Dude...

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EPL: Arsenal v Tottenham Highlights

A tale of two halves... Not sure what was said at halftime in each's locker room, but I guarantee that Harry put something in the water because THAT was a 2nd half! Down 2-0 at the halftime whistle, with Arsenal firmly in control, Spurs came back out and unstuck the boot in their rear to post a comeback of comebacks. Spurs win 3-2 at Arsenal for the first time since 1993 in league play. Yeah. 1993. Bale scores yet again, as does VDV. It's like Clockwork Spurs...

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Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 4)

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The Beautiful Game (pt. 18)

Aviva Stadium, Dublin Ireland

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19 November, 2010

Freddy Should Bid Adu

It's been a long while since we mentioned the Little One. I guess no news, in this case, is bad news, so we did some cursory digging.

No one wants the kid.

After his failed trial with Sion in Europe, Freddy returned, tail between his legs to his two year loan with Aris. He's technically still owned by Benfica, but they refused to cut his loan deal short with Greek club Aris when they announced they didn't have plans for him.

So where does that leave him?


FIFA Reprimands Two in Collusion Probe

Looks like all that blustery talk about "being sure of being cleared" was just a lot of talk, or FIFA needed a scapegoat and these two new Ex-Co members were the perfect ones. Either way, FIFA suspends Nigeria's Adamu for 3 years and Oceana's Temarii for 1 year, fines both, and prevents either from voting in the WC selection next month on the 2nd.

While this isn't a big surprise, it does strike a sour not for the AFC going into the stretch for bidding. They have Qatar, Australia, Japan and Korea all bidding and the loss of a "home-town" selector doesn't help matters.

What should be noted is that FIFA is trying to keep the veneer of house cleaning, when everyone knows some of the biggest bribe takers, Jack Warner and Sepp Blatter himself, are still in power. Regardless, the bookmakers are still favoring Russia for 2018, so consider the fix in.

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18 November, 2010

The Wiz

Aside from being the name of a horrible MJ musical, it was the team name of the Kansas City MLS team for years. Bearers of a rainbow uniform, it was just so fun and easy to make a joke of them. That said, they were also home of one of the greatest goal celebrations of all time, what with Digital Takawira's "Digital Crawl".

So it is with heavy heart that we say good by to yet another soccer team. Wait, you haven't noticed all the WPS teams dropping like flies? Yeah, well, this one is a storied MLS franchise.

Say goodbye to the Wizards... We'll truly miss you.

17 November, 2010

USA v South Africa Analysis

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please join me in applauding our new national heroes, Eric Lichaj and Juan Agudelo.

(wait for applause)

The Professor awarded Eric Lichaj the Man of the Match award in his first start and second appearance for the USMNT as Juan Agudelo scored in his first appearance for the United States senior national team, becoming the youngest player in history to score for the USMNT, leading the United States Junior Varsity to a shocking 1-0 win over South Africa's nearly full World Cup squad at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town.

Friendly: England v France Highlights

Wow, we knew the 3rd string run out by both teams was going to be uninspiring, but this? Crouch gets the lone England goal after coming on late for Gerrard (oops, someone got injured). France runs out winners, 2-1.

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World Cup Bid Evaluation Reports Are Out

And your choices didn't do so hot. So here's the breakdown:

The only dual WC bids are by two co-host countries, Spain/Portugal and Holland/Belgium. Every other country has an either 2018 WC or 2022 WC approach.

December 2nd 2010 is the declaration date of the winners of the bribe contest, I mean, of the WC bidding process.

The total reports can be read here, thanks to MatchfitUSA for the work put in formatting all of this.

Wednesday Fun Day

A whole mess of International Friendlies to take a look at today (especially if you have an internet feed of the match). Some of the more interesting ones:

Denmark vs Czech Rep. 14:15EST

Switzerland vs Ukraine 14:15EST

Austria vs Greece 14:30EST

Russia vs Belgium 11:00EST

Netherlands vs Turkey 14:30EST

South Africa vs USA 14:30EST ESPN2 and ESPN3

Chile vs Uruguay 16:45EST
(this'll give you an idea of what to expect Jan 22. when they play the US)

So which one are you looking forward to? While we'll be watching a rather meaningless match on ESPN2 (we hopefully will see some future USMNT prospects play more than 10mins), I'm going to be looking for that Netherlands/Turkey feed online and stick around to watch the Chile vs Uruguay matchup.

16 November, 2010

EPL: Blackburn v Tottenham Highlights

Bale grabs 2 goals and an assist (I'm telling you now, pick the kid up for your fantasy team if you didn't listen to me at the beginning of the season) to bring his total to 4 in the EPL this season. Tottenham sits back and then manages to give up to late goals to keep Blackburn's honor intact in this 4-2 drubbing.

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EPL: Arsenal v Everton Highlights

Cahill manages to keep the score line respectable despite Arsenal easily keeping this match under control behind goals from Sagna and Cesc.

Video: cselszky

EPL: Stoke v Liverpool Highlights

Fuller and Jones the goal scorers as Liverpool finds yet another way to lose.

Video: todayfoot21

EPL: Chelsea v Sunderland Highlights

Sunderland put Chelsea to the sword in this utter collapse by the Blues. Gyan continues his goal scoring tear with his (5 goals in 10 games) and Walbeck gets his 1st in 12.

Video: cselszky

EPL: Aston Villa v Man U Highlights

AV up 2-0. What's that mean? It means that extra time is coming for Man U so they can pull another miraculous draw or win in extra time yet again and annoy soccer fans everywhere. Yup. And like clockwork there is extra time, but luckily, the last 20 minutes of the match only sees the score go from 0-0 to 2-2.

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EPL: Bolton v Wolves Highlights

A first goal for Holden and Bolton wins 3-2 over Wolves. Wolves scrap back from down 3-0 but ultimately come up short.

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15 November, 2010

US v Chile January 2nd 2011

Nice. We continue the run of good friendlies (our SA friendly match on Wednesday only being for a chance to pull votes for WC 2022)by linking up with Chile, January 22nd at the Home Depot Center in California.

Tickets are expected to range from $18+ and go on sale Friday.

Chile qualified 2nd in Conmebol for the WC 2010 and then proceeded to pull 2 wins and move out of the group stage behind Spain where they ended up losing to Brazil. Not bad, and definitely worthy of a strong team callup for the USMNT. We shall see though if Bradley matches the USSF's effort with a quality team.

Photo: USSoccer

14 November, 2010

MLS Cup final: Colorado vs Dallas

Just watched FC Dallas completely dismantle the LA Galaxy in their MLS semifinal, and I have to say that FC Dallas are the favorites to win next week in their first MLS Cup appearance. We are guaranteed a first-time winner, as Colorado appeared in the MLS Cup final way back in 1997 (MLS Cup 2, if you lost count), but have never won the trophy.

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