27 November, 2010

World Cup 2007 Best of Goals

I know we can all hate on women's soccer some times, but you have to love when someone scores some beautiful goals, no matter who they are. And bonus props to Eriko Arakawa for pulling off the Japana-afro with style in the first clip with Aya scoring the freekick.

Video: MCforfoot

Game On: Italy v USA Women's WCQ

Yeah, I'm not a guy who will go out just to see some women's soccer most times. Coached it, will watch it sometimes when I know a player on the team, but in this case, it's about some national pride!

This afternoon, at 2pm EST (only on ESPN3 because no sponsors would pay for a bigger showing), in Chicago, the USWNT, current #1 in the world, has a must win (or at worst draw in a low scoring game) just to qualify for the World Cup next year in Germany.

Wha?! I know some out there who dislike soccer will try to point out how this is why no one follows the sport. "How can the #1 team not be among the 16 teams playing for the Cup?" they'll say.

Well, it's pretty simple. CONCACAF gets two automatic qualifiers (for making the WCQ finals for CONCACAF. Unfortunately, the US suffered a 1-0 semi-final loss to Mexico in the one and out playoff format. It was probably the biggest upset Mexico has ever accomplished. If you need an equivalent, imagine the USMNT knocking out Spain 2-0 out of the Confeds Cup last year. Oh wait, that did happen. Well, it's pretty much the same thing here.

EPL: Sunderland v Wolves Highlights

Ebanks-Blake scores the late one and compounds Sunderland's woes in this 2nd half stunner. If you missed the first half, you didn't miss a thing.

Video: Ambujakshan

EPL: Man City v Stoke Highlights

Stoke pulls out the late goal to just keep Man City's frustration going. Good on them.

Video: ambujakshan

EPL: Blackburn v Manchester United Highlights

Maybe I should just rename this "Berbatov Highlights" because when a guy outshoots and clearly outscores his opponent, you have to give him props. Even if he's a sulky SOB, and bonus points for Rooney being a token field player in this one, yet again. I take that back. He got 2 assists, but when the guy is getting paid that much, he better be scoring at will, from the other side of the pitch. Final 7-1 (or for those at home, Berbatov 5 - Blackburn 1). Only Andy Cole, Jermaine Defoe and Shearer have ever accomplished this goal scoring feat.

EPL: Blackpool v Bolton Highlights

Bolton comes back late to draw the point in a game that saw Holden scratched from the lineup with an injury picked up in warming up. Final, 2-2.

Video: gongto

EPL: Birmingham v Fulham Highlights

Dempsey drops one on Birmingham in this 1-1 draw.

Video: gongto

The Beautiful Game (pt. 19)

Palestinian boy in Hebron, Israel.

Photo: Holylandblogspot

26 November, 2010

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 5)

Who could hate the Special 1 when he's passing messages and quoting movies? "So what about 'When Harry Met Sally'?, 'Stop Goading Me!' 'More like When Harry Met Wenger. What a thriller that one, 3-2 wasn't it?' Pure classic...

Video: BBCComedy

25 November, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Debated between showing a "Best Of" highlight of Turkish soccer. They have a lot to choose from. Instead, I went a little lowbrow, but the entertainment value on that crazy Six Flags bald guy meter is still up there.


Video: franbagur

CL: Barcelona v Panathanikos Highlights

Apparently, beating a team 5-1 isn't enough. You have to go to their stadium and then beat them again 3-0 to officially knock them out of CL play and put you through. Ruthless. Pedro with 2 and Messi with another.

Video: futbolchampions1

CL: Bursaspor v Valencia Highlights

Could anything be worse than a 4-0 whooping in CL play? Yes, yes there can be. How about a 6-1 schellacking? Two from Soldado, and one each for Joaquin, Aduriz, Mata and Dominguez...

Video: Premierleague2012

CL: Lyon v Schalke Highlights

Debt ridden Schalke gets all abusive stepfather on Lyon and moves on to the lucrative elimination round behind a 3-0 beating of Lyon. Two goals from Huntelaar.

Video: Herrtutorialdiehure

CL: Tottenham v Werder Bremen Highlights

A seriously depleted Werder Bremen was no match for a Spurs sans VDV. Kaboul nets another in as many games as Bale misses a pk, Modric cranks one in and Crouchy puts the nail in the coffin with the 3rd and final goal of the game. Spurs move on 3-0.

Video: Christasy

CL: Inter Milan v FC Twente Highlights

Cambiasso scores the lone goal for Inter as they pull into the elimination round with only the remaining match against Weder Bremen being the deciding factor as to who goes first between they and Spurs into the next round.

Video: futbolfullhd

24 November, 2010

CL: Chelsea v MSK Zilina Highlights

Chelsea maintains their 100% record in this CL behind 33 shots after getting a little surprise in the first half, going down 1-0. The Blues returned to form in the 2nd and guaranteed their elimination spot with goals from Stouridge and Malouda.

Video: xxxgolasosupremxxx

CL: Ajax v Real Madrid Highlights

Kids, turn away. Beautiful football just got kicked in the nuts. Real just stomps a hapless Ajax to pieces in this 4-0 CL game. Ozil knocks one in, as does Benzema while Ronaldo puts 2 away. It wasn't even as close as the scoreline portrays.

Video: freekicker17

CL: Arsenal v Braga Highlights

Live from Portugal, the "Arsenal collapses in the final 10 minutes and now must win their next game" show. Two goals by Matheus see Arsenal drop from 1st in their group to a tie for 2nd with Braga (but they are ahead significantly on GD) so they must win their next and final group match against winless Partizan to move on.

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CL: AS Roma v Bayern Munich Highlights

Bayern jumps out to a quick 2-0 lead behind Gomez by the end of the 1st half. And then it all fell apart. Perhaps because they thought they were safe. Either way, Roma comes out and puts the hammer down in the 2nd half with goals from De Rossi, Totti and Boriello. Roma wins 3-2.

Video: Meczetv

23 November, 2010

The Soccer Inside... Vitalis Digital Takawira

By no means gone from soccer, Vitalis, or “Digital” (I always believed that was his real first name when I watched him play as I grew up), is still at home with the soccer ball.

In the years following his time with MLS outfit Kansas City Wiz (yeah, and they had rainbow colored uniforms too, want to make something of it?), Vitalis signed with A League team, the Milwaukee Rampage and went on to play for them until they folded in 2002. He then signed with the Milwaukee Wave before finally retiring from his playing career in 2004. Currently, he plies his trade developing youth soccer talent for Lake Country United Soccer in Hartland, Wisconsin.

We caught up with Vitalis “Digital” Takawira following one of his youth club’s solid outings over the Halloween weekend in Madison, Wisconsin and asked him about his career, goal celebrations, and supporter scarves in this TSI exclusive:

22 November, 2010

Old School Highlights (pt 1)

Digging around and you know what? You kids haven't seen yourself some Roger Milla. Sure, the old folks like myself can regale you with stories how Milla and Cameroon destroyed Argentina at the 1990 WC, but there is nothing like some good old fashion highlights to show you what this old man was capable of in his prime (~35yo). I don't think I'm going to moving like this at his age, but it's nice to know what I could do if I had his skill and ambition.

Video: Sir82000

Just Because It's Funny to Say

So I'm reading a post on Freddy Adu. I know, this guy is getting more attention here than Charlize Theron in a bathrobe at the moment, but this is just too funny.

Straight off the wires where he is now in Denmark to trial, oops, I mean, "stay in shape", now comes a list of how much it costs for someone to twitter about you on their page.

Sure, occasionally, you check out Twitter and see what you favorite athlete is up to, but word is that all those times you see them hype a website, they are actually charging someone to talk about it in front of a captive audience.

21 November, 2010

MLS Final

The MLS final between the Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas has just ended, and what a thriller! No matter who won, we were guaranteed to see an original MLS team raise the trophy for the first time. If you have not watched the match and don't want to know the result, read no further.

OK, ready for some spoilers?

EPL: Fulham v Manchester City Highlights

Maradona gets a little live entertainment in while Tevez and Zabaleta knock in 3 between them as Man City runs rabid over Fulham at Craven Cottage. Man City 4 Fulham 1.

Video: vasmark

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