11 December, 2010

EPL: Man City v West Ham Highlights

Man City is just quietly sneaking up on the whole shebang this season. Arsenal does have a game in hand and Man U has two, but regardless, this is a wide open race at this point. Goals from Toure and Johnson as well as a relapse to scoring on oneself by Robert Green sees Man City walk away winners, 3-1.


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EPL: Blackpool v Stoke Highlights

Guess all that training on the beach because their local outdoor pitch was frozen is good for Blackpool. They walk away winners in this 1-0 match, securing only their 4th away win this season. Campbell with the goal just after halftime.

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EPL: Liverpool v Newcastle Highlights

A Dirk Kuyt equalizer just after half and a first in charge for new Newcastle skipper Pardew wasn't enough for Liverpool to overcome their own horrible play as they lose again. This time, though, it was 3-1 with goals from Barton, Carroll, and Kevin Nolan that did them in.

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The Beautiful Game (pt 21)

Nairobi, Kenya

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10 December, 2010

Qatar Owns You

While I really don't have much against them (honestly, nothing) this does seem a bit strange in light of recent events such as the Argentina buyoff (that never happened *wink wink*) and the winning of the 2022 bid.

Barcelona has signed a £125m deal to sport the Qatar Foundation (a not for profit foundation aimed at education initiatives) logo through 2016 with £25m paid out annually. Granted, Barca is in pretty substantial debt at ~£400m but after having paid UNICEF to sport their logo (you read that right, they were paying UNICEF to have the UNICEF logo on their jerseys), and after having exhausted a lot of new avenues for income for the club, Barca has bowed to the corporation and taken on a sponsor.

If you are like me, you have to wonder, what's next, the 2018 FIFA World Cup brought to you by Qatar in Russia? Perhaps the Champions League held exclusively in Qatar?

But but wait it gets worse (to quote Onyx)! Plantini has come out and said that moving the 2022 WC to winter is certainly a possibility. Wait, what? Let me check that again, so we give the bid to a country supposedly on the basis that they can handle the summer heat and now they want to consider moving some games out of the country and even possibly move the tournament itself to winter, which interferes with pretty much every league but MLS and interrupts two hugely profitable tournaments in the CL and UEFA Leagues... And all this stated by the head of UEFA himself... Bidding countries, you didn't even get the benefit of a reach around on this one.

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Hypocrisy Hurts

Not long ago, FIFA stated that this [the WC 2018/2022] bid would be the last one to accept joint bids. To clarify, those of you who remember 2002 Japan/Korea co-hosting a World Cup, it proved some challenge for transportation to and from as many joint bids that could come from outside Europe might.

Then this came to light.

09 December, 2010

What's Up Damarcus?

It's been a while. Your twitters go down a little better than Freddy's, but at this point, you are only getting marginally more minutes.

In case you haven't been keeping up with the Bundesliga lately, other than Jermaine Jones being sent down to the B team, and Bradley lighting it up for a relegation bound Mongladbach, Damarcus is quietly biding his time with 4th place Hannover 96. Currently, they sit 12 points out of first, and 4 points above 5th place. Not bad.

But with all that good play by players ahead of him, he hasn't been seeing much 1st team action. Case in point, since October, he's seen a grand total of 55mins in three appearances, all from the bench and all in blowouts (usually blowout losses).

So when are we going to see you get some more playing time and what do you have to do to get some around there Run DMB?

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07 December, 2010

Martin Jol, Pariah

I want to introduce you to someone. He came in and revamped Tottenham a few years back and despite having off and on success, couldn't get anything done, and was summarily dismissed.

Fast forward a season, and he resurfaces at Ajax. A football factory of sorts that, while they will never be the powerhouse at the forefront of international title runs any more, produces many talented players.

Then, Fulham FC came calling in 2009. Amongst the strong candidates, including Bob Bradley, Jol had a standoff with Ajax management and managed to finagle a contract extension and promises to spend money to bring in a few more players.

A Sad Day

So what has been happening with Freddy Adu you ask? Well, we know you didn't ask, because not many of you even care about the kid who managed to fall so far off the map he needs GPS to find his way back...

Wait for it...
Don't get lost driving all over town this holiday season. Make sure to update your in-car navigation maps! #ad
Well, what do you know, he's shilling GPS on his Twitter now. Great. I almost forgot to buy myself some car navigation, thanks Freddy.

Freddy, if you haven't read one of the 1mil plus comments made web-wide because you are in complete and utter denial, give up on Europe for now, and bring your butt back stateside, suck it up and re-establish yourself. Right now you are about 2 seconds away from becoming one of those guys juggling soccer balls in the square for tips.

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06 December, 2010

US U17: Turkey v US Highlights

Not a pretty day. If anything good can be taken from this, it's the fact that we beat Korea 2-1, and then drew Brazil 0-0. I think it's safe to say that we were on cruise control for this match.

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Hughton Out

In a somewhat surprising move, Newcastle have tossed Skipper Hughton and GK coach Paul Barron. At least they didn't pull a Chelsea and fire them at Christmas time like Chelsea though.
"Newcastle United Football Club have today parted company with manager Chris Hughton. Goalkeeping coach Paul Barron also leaves the club today," read a statement on the club's website. "The board would like to place on record their thanks to Chris for his considerable efforts during the club's transition from Championship to Premier League football. Chris has shown exceptional character and commitment since being appointed manager in October 2009. The club wishes him well for the future.

"Regrettably, the board now feels that an individual with more managerial experience is needed to take the club forward. The task of appointing a new manager now begins. An announcement will be made shortly regarding transitional arrangements pending the appointment of a successor."

Reportedly, a coach is in short order for Newcastle. Much like certain other people's fantasy teams that are named in honor of Newcastle, their play was erratic at best, with such wins as 5-1 over Sunderland and 6-0 over Aston Villa tempered by losses like yesterday's 3-1 loss to WBA.

We wish you well Hughton, and think that the Toons didn't give you nearly enough time to cement yourself. Now if only they could fire Mike Ashley for his poor performance as an owner (and while the similarities are striking, no that is not Ashley in the pic).

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Monterrey wins Mexico Torneo Apertura 5-3 aggregate

Tonight, the second leg of the home-and-home Gran Final of Mexico's Torneo Apertura saw Santos Laguna of Torreon take a one goal aggregate lead into Monterrey. The matchup was billed as "duelo del norte" because Monterrey and Torreon are the two northernmost cities represented in the Mexican Primera Division.

05 December, 2010

EPL: Blackburn v Wolves Highlights

Maybe it wasn't Hahnemann's fault. Hennessey is between the pipes for Wolves in this 3-0 debacle. Wolves even manager to hit two posts on one shot and still not score. Blackburn gets goals from Dunn, Emerton and Nelson in the win. Blackburn 3 Wolves 0

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EPL: Arsenal v Fulham Highlights

Wow, good match. Nasri and company do a number and both sides put together some nifty footwork in all three goals. Arsenal walks away winners, 2-1.

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EPL: Birmingham v Tottenham Highlights

Despite another dominating performance from Spurs, Gardner levels the points for Birmingham and walks away with a 1-1 draw.

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EPL: Newcastle v West Brom Highlights

Newcastle gets a last second goal from Loevenkrands to save some face in this embarrassment. West Brom scores behind Tchoyi and 2 from Odemwingie. Final WBA 3 Newcastle 1

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EPL: Chelsea v Everton Highlights

Chelsea is booed off in this snore fest while Drogba and Beckford score. Final 1-1.

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Wow... It's been a tough last few days on me. Sure, I called both bids correctly, but this is one time I don't like being right.

And then comes an article by the Independent. And another subsequent one in the WSJ, and yet another with the Guardian. FIFA members colluded, and so the stuff starts to hit the fan.

Granted, England got only two votes and got eliminated in the first round, so you expect a few of their papers to be all sour grapes, but the Independent isn't that biased, and the WSJ? This isn't good.

Since then, Fat Santa, I mean, Chuck Blazer has come out to deny the allegations against him. MP Jack Warner, as per usual, refuses to take calls from a "clearly biased white media".

So what happened that we didn't know about?

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