18 December, 2010

Ha Ha, Fooled You

On the back of UEFA's Plantini commenting that the option to move the 2022 World Cup to the winter was certainly an option (although, no one remembers that in the bid, nor do they remember anything about a joint bid which somehow is now being floated as games throughout the Middle East), comes Sepp Blatter now supporting the idea:
“I definitely support the idea to play in winter here. It is important to play when the climate is appropriate and I’m thinking about the footballers, not only the fans but the actors.”
Funny he should say actors (I'm looking at you Ronaldo). That aside, why is anyone even bothering to bid? Why don't they just tell us where and when they would like a World Cup, and which country is going to host it? Oh, that's right, money in the ol' pocket.

This has gone from farcicle to ludicrous. They refused to address the issue of heat, location and safety during the bidding, yet afterwards, are free to make changes. You know, while we're at it, I hear the Qatar Foundation bought ad rights for Barcelona. We should have one of the games there while we're at it.

Honestly, I don't know how much else FIFA can fiddle with the bidding unless we are somehow seeing a precursor to the Carribean, as a whole, bidding for 2030 (cause we all know now that China has 2026, and they haven't even bid yet). Can you imagine one game on Barbados, then flying out to Antigua for the 2nd round? I'm just throwing it out there, because I hear that Jack Warner is still younger than Sepp and neither votes for the US anymore.

Need an outside opinion on it? Okay, then. Here's our favorite highlight provider Ian Halloway's take:

Video: SkySports

The Beautiful Game (pt. 21)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo: National Geographic

Champion's League Knockout Round

So it's official, Wenger is possessed by the ghost of Paul the Octopus. How else would you explain the fact that he predicted that Arsenal would face Barcelona in the knockouts?

That said, we have some tantalizing matchups. Too bad we won't get to see a UEFA League or a CL in 2022... but that's another story.

So which are our picks? AC Milan v Spurs, Bayern v Inter and Arsenal v Barca. Sure there are other good games, but these have some must see stuff.

AC Milan v Spurs. Bale has been the subject of all manner of buying rumors. Sure, Spurs could use the money to beef up their constantly limping back line, and AC has been rumored to want him bad. There is also the manner of this being the first time Spurs have made the knockouts, while AC Milan boasts a lineup that for the life of me, I don't think hasn't seen one (how's that for a double negative?).

Bayern v Inter. Rematch of the 2010 Final. Inter won it 2-0 then. Bayern has been stumbling, but they always show for the big Cups. Inter actually qualified 2nd in the group after barely beating Spurs 4-3 at home then getting trounced away.

Arsenal v Barca. If not for the prediction that Wegner made (clairvoyant or just knows UEFA is corrupt?), then watch it for the rematch of last year's quarterfinal that saw them draw 2-2 at Arsenal then lose 4-1 at Camp Nou and the fact that Barca beat Arsenal for all the marbles in 2006's CL Final.

The first leg is Feb 15/16 and Feb 22/23 while the second leg is March 8/9 and 15/16.

So what are you going to be watching?

Photo: FIFA/Champions League

17 December, 2010

World Cup Flashbacks

France. World Cup 1998. England decided to mess with the media some and try to see how many song titles they could get in during interviews. Lucky for them they at least made it out of the first round, or we'd all be laughing at them.

Video: Magnificentgoal

What? No One Loves Me?

Oh, the travesty! The humanity! Plus I was looking for a reason to bust out this picture for nearly five months...

Going on record, Iker Casillas' girlfriend, Sara Carbonero called Ronaldo selfish, stating that only 2-3 players even like him.

Ronaldo, for his part, cried to Iker for an apology.

Must be a bad week for the guy who refs claim they know will dive whenever given the chance. Danish CL ref Claus Bo Larsen stated, “He’s always out to get a cheap free-kick, especially at home,” Larsen told Ekstra Bladet. “We tended to talk before games about how he’d go down easily."

Ouch. Well, at least we know that Merc7 will always be able to find a job in France after his playing days are done. As a cheesemonger. Or, he could always hold out for that dream job at the Bunny Ranch.

Photo: LiveSoccer

What a Supports Club

Can't say I'll ever see this stateside... well, maybe in Texas or VA at a youth football game (yeah, those parents can get pretty intense sans flares). This, though, is pretty insane. For a U-12 5 a side. Guess that's Lech Poznan's Polish footie lovers for you. Thanks to the Spoiler for finding this one.

Video: LukaszPTKWO

16 December, 2010

Be Afraid Blackburn, Very Afraid

Blackburn Chairperson Anuradha Desai went on record with Sky Sports a few days ago that they would "very much like a British manager to take over, although a foreign one with very high credentials would suit them just nicely."

That "manager" with "high credentials" is apparently Maradona. Granted, it's the Mirror that is reporting it, but they've been good with some nuggets of truth lately, and according to Desai, there was talks of Maradona taking over when they bought Blackburn, but supposedly the talks never progressed.

Hmm, so guess all that bluffing from Maradona about wanting to coach in the EPL lately is for naught...

Photo: TopNews

15 December, 2010

Something to Tide You Over

Here's a little something while I'm recovering from this brutal flu bug. Enjoy.

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13 December, 2010

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 7)

Yeah, I just got the new FIFA game for my laptop but it won't work. It keeps telling me it's corrupt. Classic.

Video: BBCComedy/Doitchampions

12 December, 2010

EPL: Birmingham v Wolves Highlights

A goal by Stephen Hunt in the waning seconds of the first half was the lone goal of the game. Wolves go on to get their first clean sheet in 8 months.

Video: ambujakshan

EPL: Chelsea v Tottenham Highlights

An early strike by Pavlychenko didn't offset another woeful offensive struggle and neither did the equalizer by Drogba, who surprisingly took over penalty duties and had his chance to steal all 3pts denied by Gomes. Final 1-1.

Video: Footballking

EPL: Blackburn v Bolton Highlights

Damn son. Want to know how to score a breath stealing goal from kickoff? Ask Holden. Bolton, already down to 10 men, scores a goal not 15secs after Blackburn pulls level in the waning minutes. And it was a pretty one at that.

Video: liverpool1992

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