24 December, 2010

Goal of the Week (Christmas Edition)

I guess there's "S'no Love for the Keeper"... sorry, had to get that out of the system.

And here is your goal of the week, courtesy of Wesley Sonck (bonus points for usage of the orange snow ball) against Genk in the Jupiler League:

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23 December, 2010

Corruption By Default

So UEFA presidential elections are coming up. Looks like Plantini has won. Yeah, why even bother?

No competition, or simply no one wants to compete with having their throat slit and being found corrupt by FIFA. Just saying, because when you have a guy running unopposed for a 2nd time, just 1 month after saying that the World Cup ought to move to winter (your federation's biggest money making season for tourneys) and every one of your federations' leagues ought to go on a 2-3 month hiatus because of it, then you kind of have to wonder just how many of the UEFA member reps were caught in compromising positions.

Photo: telegraph

Nani Is More Intelligent than Arsene Wenger

Apparently. According to Nani. By proxy. Thanks to WhoAteAllThePies for the heads up. I did some digging and found some of the video for you.

Honestly, Arsene went way up in my book for the comment, "We live in a society where everybody knows everything, and it is a shame to say, I don't know. I personally don't know." Big, big cohones, and Nani, I think you just got pimp-slapped in front of the media. Better go home and recoup before you speak again.

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Findley Update

It's now official. Findley just signed a 2 1/2 yr contract with Nottingham Forest.

For you Forest fans, here's a little something about what you'll be getting:

He's quick, his touch is okay, but definitely better than Eddie Johnson (Fulham FC). I think he'll do well with you guys, and hopefully doesn't get full of himself like EJ did and become absolute crap.

Video: corvalissoccer

Benitez Out

It was only a matter of time. See, in the real world, when you insult your boss, you are fired pretty quickly. Think Rafa just found this out.

After coming out and saying that he needed money and support to run Inter (less than 12mo after the Special One worked wonders with the same lineup), Inter came back and handed him the pink slip.
"Inter thank Rafael Benitez for his work in leading his team to success in the Italian Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup."
I ran this through the Google Italian to English translator and it came back as:
You lazy no good Spanish bum. We did more with the same squad last year. Here's your severance check. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Pretty harsh words.

All this after winning the prestigious Club World Cup in UAE earlier this month. What? It's not prestigious? Well, surely only the top clubs in the world attend. What? One club from each federation? You mean there wasn't much competition outside Europe on this? Oh well.

Rafa has returned to England after just 6 months in charge of Inter. At this rate, he may be back at Liverpool before the the winter break ends. At least that's what a lot of Reds fans are hoping.

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21 December, 2010

Findley to Forest

Wah? Sky Sports is reporting that despite a trial with Wolves, Robbie Findley is being stolen away by Championship side Nottingham Forest and is on the verge of signing a deal. Findley just recently let his MLS contract expire with RSL.

Permits shouldn't be a big issue as he was on the WC 2010 roster and played several games for the US.

The 25yo striker is in demand by a Nottingham to bolster a weak strike force that includes Blackstock (5 goals in 15 matches) and Robert Earnshaw (1 goal in 10) where their leading scorer is midfielder Lewis McGugan (9 goals in 15 matches). It's hoped that Findley's pace pick up the scoring for Forest.

Nottingham sit 8 pts adrift of the promotion spot in 8th place with only 3pts separating them from 17th place, so any boost to their squad will be seen as a good move.

Photo: iconarchive

Italian Coach Enzo Bearzot Dies

The 83 year old former Italian National Coach passed away yesterday. Now we aren't the greatest supporters of Italian football, but in his limited time coaching, this guy did wonders.

Bearzot was in charge, and made the controversial decision, to have a media blackout following 3 so so performances in the 1982 World Cup first round. Following that move, Italy went on to defeat Argentina and Maradona 2-1 in the 2nd rd. In the subsequent next round, Italy stifled Zico and Socrates behind a 3-2 hat-trick by Paolo Rossi to move on to the semis.

The Semis saw Rossi score another 2 as Italy moved past a strong Polish side. We'll leave you with the highlights of the final, as the game was yet another brilliant masterpiece:

In the words of Paolo Rossi, upon Bearzot's passing, "Enzo Bearzot was one of the greatest figures in 20th century Italy," a tearful Rossi told Ansa news agency. "He was like a a father to me. I owe everything to him."

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19 December, 2010

Movin Time

Caught this one over at the other day, and am only now putting this up. It's like a weird reverse Blanco of some sort. Might be worth a pickup game try.

Video: voetbalblognet

Special 1 TV (S.2 Ep. 8)

Santa edition.

Weren't you Santa before Rafa? Who me? No. Sure, you. Fat man, always gone by New Years...

Another Classic.

Video: BBCComedy

Charlie Davies Ya'll

Been wanting to see some Charlie Davies action and just don't have the time to fly to France and catch a reserve match?

Well, we won't guarantee that he'll see much playing time, but we will guarantee that you can watch his Sochaux team play Bordeaux today at 11am EST.

How, you may ask?

Go to and click "explore" on the lower left side. It'll pull up a lot of different vid screens on the page, but the hint is search for "sochaux" in the search box. Enjoy your early Christmas.

Photo: Sochaux

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