14 January, 2011

bin Hammam Shoots Down Winter World Cup

"It is up to Qatar to request that the World Cup be moved." - Sepp Blatter

Hey, Sepp, guess what? The guy who wants your job (no not Warner, the other guy, the head of the Asian Fed) said, "Pbbbbbbttt."

According to the guys over at CaughtOffside, bin Hammam has restated that any effort to move the World Cup to January is "premature, and un-called for."

Sweet. Oh wait, does that mean it'll happen in 127 degree weather?
“We’re not interested. Qatar can stand alone and organise by itself,” he said.
“We are very happy and we are promising the world that we are going to organise an amazing World Cup in June and July,” the Asian Football Confederation president, who is from Qatar, added.
And just when you thought you disliked Iran, their head coach comes out and says that if FIFA makes this a Persian Cup rather than Qatar's World Cup, then we should reopen the bidding because it was unfair to Australia, the US and all the other bidders.

Say wha?!

Honestly, this is either a conspiracy to smooth over the huge hate for picking Qatar over any other less problematic country of epic proportions or I just heard the most sane and intelligent response from a FIFA rep and Iranian coach ever made.

Too bad this guy will never be the head of FIFA (he's got his own skeletons in the closet and he has to somehow knock off Jack Warner). It won't make me feel better about the pick, but at least I feel better about the guy running the show.

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