29 January, 2011

Bradley To Aston Villa on Loan

In a rather quick and surprising move, Michael Bradley, son of USMNT coach Bob Bradley has made the jump to the EPL. Granted, it's only for the remainder of the season.

Having plied his trade for Heerenveen in the Dutch Erdivisie (1st division) and most recently in the Bundesliga for bottom dwellers Borussia Moenchengladbach, Bradley has been possibly the most consistent player they've had, having found the net some 26 times in 131 matches for the two clubs.

In bringing Bradley in, Aston Villa will bring a more "gritty" and forceful and young presence to the midfield, something that they've been missing. Bradley will score if allowed to go forward, but is a very consistent player in a more defensive roll and is technically more sound there.

The loan move will end this summer and leave Bradley with one year remaining on his contract during the usually busy transfer period of summer.

For you Aston Villa fans, here is a little of what to expect from him (and thankfully, it isn't a card every match as he was prone to get early in his career):

Video: USSoccer

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  1. Nice. This is a great test for him. I actually do think he's cut out for the EPL. Can end the argument of him or Jermaine Jones is he does well here. And now can hopefully get some Euro cup play experience, too.


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