08 January, 2011

The IOC Is Corrupt

So says Sepp Blatter. More specifically, Sepp claims they "spend money like a housewife."

How do you like them apples?
"Our accounts are open to everyone. ... We've [done] it since I'm the president. It wasn't done before," Blatter said in Qatar, where he is attending the Asian Cup. "The IOC does it like a housewife. She receives some money and she spends some money."
Funny, because I hear the IOC is looking into FIFA corruption. And Sepp, Haveglande, and Hayatou are each on both the FIFA Ex-Co and on the IOC. And all three have been accused of taking bribes, with two of them actually having been caught taking said bribes.

The best part of his statement? The fact that the corruption committee was now going to be more "advisory" in it's role.
"The controversy started yesterday in the newspapers ... concerning an anti-corruption group is absolutely untrue," Blatter said. "This has nothing to do with a new anti-corruption unit. We have an anti-corruption unit. This is the ethics committee of FIFA. This unit works well. Even we haven't had any evidence of corruption but we have had evidence of noncompliance with the code of ethics. This has been the cases you know."
Great. Nice to know FIFA has that whole corruption thing under control. I was kind of worried there for a minute.

Photo: FIFA

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