04 January, 2011

Man City Agrees Fee for Dzeko

Wow, transfer soap opera is on. Tell the wife to go away for the next month and begin the rumor mill.

While this isn't confirmed yet as no medical has been done and wages haven't been negotiated, what has is that Man City and Wolfsburg have agreed a transfer fee (estimated ~$40mil) for Dzeko to move to Manchester.

So for those of you at home, here are the attacking options for Man City:

Dzeko, Adebayor, Tevez, Balotelli, perennially injured Santa Cruz and Jo.

Seems kinda crowded, which...

Leads to the rumor that Liverpool are inquiring about picking up Adebayor on loan or signing him. Hmmm.

Either way, Man City needs to sell before it buys because of the whole 33 man roster limit thing, so expect some more loans out if Man City can't find a sucker to buy up one of it's players for near what it paid (or pay the crazy salaries that they are offered).

As an update on 1/5, it appears Dzeko has left the Wolfsburg training camp in Spain to travel to Man City for a medical. Looks like these guys are pushing hard for the league.

Video: AC1881

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