18 January, 2011

Movin On Up

Don't yet know what to make of this... Joseph Gyau's Hoffenheim page had him playing with the U17 in the Junior Bundesliga South/Southwest league until today...

And now?

It has his stats also including the Regionalliga... The only Hoffenheim team that plays there is the U23 (the B team)... So is he moving up after 12 matches in which he logged 930 minutes, 1 yellow and a goal?

Yup. Hoffenheim have updated their U23 team roster to include Gyau.

Currently, Hoffenheim's B team sits 4th in the Regionalliga. Their next match is against SG Sonnenhof on the 26th with their game vs. FC Memmingen postponed.

We'll keep you updated as he progresses with the B team. Good to see him making strides with the Bundesliga team and under a new (well, as head coach he's new) skipper. Doesn't hurt that he's got MOM honors during a recent U20 USMNT match a few weeks back. Hope there is more to come this year.

Photo: Hoffenheim

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