18 January, 2011

Say Hello to Your New USL PRO

Beginning April 2nd (guess they didn't want to mess with that whole April Fool's thing after the debacle last year with the USSF having to get involved with USL) the USL PRO will kick off with 3 divisions of 5 teams each focusing on regional play.

1. Barracuda FC
2. Los Angeles Blues
3. Puerto Rico United
4. Sevilla Puerto Rico
5. River Plate Puerto Rico
1. Dayton Dutch Lions
2. Harrisburg City Islanders
3. FC New York
4. Pittsburgh Riverhounds
5. Rochester Rhinos
1. Charleston Battery
2. Charlotte Eagles
3. Orlando City
4. Richmond Kickers
5. Wilmington Hammerheads

While several game times are to be determined, the majority of the schedule is set. Teams in the International Division are scheduled to play each other 4 times (2 home, 2 away). The other 2 divisions see each other play a home/away series for their season. There will also be a trip by each team in the National and American Division to one of the International teams for 2 games (for example a trip to LA would net a match against LA and another International Division team to minimize travel costs, while the International team would also play another International team the same weekend). The rest of the season is designed to continue rivalries such as the Battery vs. Wilmington.

The regular season concludes the weekend of August 12th/13th. There will be an 8 team post-season playoff at the end of the season to determine a league winner.


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  1. A bit loony with Los Angeles in a division with the Puerto Rico teams and Barracuda FC of Antigua. Four teams from Caribbean islands and one on the West Coast? For that matter, only ONE team West of the Mississippi? Bizarre geography to say the least. It sounds like the Puerto Rico teams and Barracuda FC will play about half their "home" games in Los Angeles to minimize travel for the ten Eastern US teams.

    I don't think I'll go to many games. The Los Angeles Blues home stadium is Cal State Fullerton, ever so slightly closer to me than the HDC Carson, but I'd rather see the Galaxy if I'm going to drive all that way.

    I guess Puerto Rico did so well in the CONCACAF Champions League that they split up into three different teams. Well, good for Puerto Rico.


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