12 January, 2011

A Spector Says What?

Forgot about your boy Jonathan Spector lately didn't you. He's still (somewhere) in the mix with the USMNT although it's been less so lately.

Regardless, if you haven't been watching West Ham lately (and come on, who has?) then you missed the part where West Ham has been playing him as a holding center mid. Oh and he scored on Barnsley and dropped another 2 on Man U in Carling Cup action.

Because he's out of contract this summer, and with West Ham looking to move past him, they've been putting his name out there for a cut rate move during the winter transfer window. No word yet on any takers, but expect him either to move on to another price conscious team (I'm looking at you Blackpool) or to drop down to the Championships. Perhaps even some time in France or Holland might help.

Luckily, he's young (24) and hard working, so any move that get's him regular first team action is good for us.


1 comment:

  1. Good move because Spector can't defend worth a damn. Bad move because there is no way he will ever unseat all the guys ahead of him at DMC, but then again, no way will he play right back for the USA with Eric Lichaj breaking out.

    PS - look for Carlos Bocanegra to nail down the left back spot once Gooch makes a full recovery.


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