03 January, 2011

Wie Gruen ist dein Blatter?

For those of you who didn't take German in high school, it's a play on words. The title, translated, is from O' Tannenbaum. Look at it further, and it can reference something green or inexperienced.

So, without much further Adu (hah, cracking myself up on this), I bring you the latest joke from FIFA.

Blatter is creating an "independent" committee to investigate corruption within FIFA.
“I will take care of it personally, to make sure that there is no corruption at FIFA,” Blatter said in an interview with the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung. “This committee will strengthen our credibility and give us a new image in terms of transparency.”

Kind of like the ethics committee he put together with corrupt (they were almost all found guilty of bribery at some point in the past 10yrs) FIFA members... Great.
“The committee must be independent to guarantee maximum credibility,” he said. “I want to present this committee to the FIFA Congress here in Zurich at the start of June.”

Sigh... really? Like that is going to be believed and will improve credibility?

In other funny FIFA news, Blatter has retracted his comments early last year where he wanted overtime to be put to an end in favor of penalty shootouts and now replaced it with an effort (in his mind by WC 2014 Brazil) to eliminate shootouts because he felt that shootouts make keepers into "scapegoats".

Our prediction for Blatter's New Year's resolution? To confuse the public even further, increase bidding countries until he retires to maximize bribery, and to earn a Nobel for pulling a fast one on the voters. Oh, and to somehow figure out how he can start taking bribes from the other Ex-Co members so that he can "choose" who gets to replace him.

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