08 January, 2011

You Think You Had a Bad Day

Newcastle just got dumped out of the FA Cup by D2 Stevenage (yeah thats 3 divisions below Newcastle) in a 3-1 rout that even saw an own goal by Newcastle defender Williamson who took a shot off his face and wrong footed his own keeper. Ouch.

Speaking of ouch, one of the Stevenage defenders got a right hook from a fan during the after game celebrations.

Could be worse, though. You could be AS Monaco and lose to D5 French side Chambery. Granted it was 3-2 in penalties, but this is the same Monaco that back in the 90s was running roughshod over most of Europe. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Sure they won't take Adu back on loan?

Video:desonsinho, Hedfcuk

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