09 February, 2011

Agbossoumonde Joins Djurgarden on 6 Month Loan

After a 2 week successful trial, and a little time back stateside, Gale Agbossoumonde has officially joined Swedish First Division team, Djurgarden, on a 6 month loan. Djurgarden has the option to purchase, through Gale's contract owners Traffic (a Brazilian company that likes to buy up player contracts), at the end of the loan period.

This is a good move for Gale, because for the last 6 months he really only got practice time with Portuguese 2nd division Estoril as he was ineligible to play there. If he can produce, Sweden tends to be a great stepping stone to playing for bigger clubs throughout Europe. Hopefully, though, he does take the Gooch route and jump to a bigger club than he will start with as that tends to hamper development.

If you jump over to Djurgarden's page, you can get a decent look at Gale getting some practice time with his new club (it's about a minute in). Djurgarden sits 9th out of 16 currently.

Photo: Milk Cup

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