24 February, 2011

FIFA Is Flush

With money according to Sepp. During a conference in Sudan (by the way, wtf is FIFA doing having a conference in a nation about 2 seconds from another revolution and just weeks after voting for splitting?), Sepp says that FIFA has $1.2 billion in the bank reserves after the 2010 World Cup.

Apparently, WC 2010 was more profitable for FIFA than 2006. Not quite sure how, since they had to flush money down the drain to fill the stadiums and with all the work that was required at a premium within the last 30 days prior to the Cup, but that's SA's problem and not FIFA's, right? I mean, they are the ones having to figure out uses for the stadiums that their own rugby and soccer federations can't use/fill.

Good thing that FIFA has all that money. Sepp even stated that $1.2 bil is enough to keep FIFA afloat for 18 months should there be some kind of issue with soccer. I guess $1.2 bil doesn't go that far anymore (cough cough bribery)... but I digress.

As a side note, in Qatar, all the hand wringing over when the WC 2022 will or won't happen has now been put in the hands of "the people". Really? That's your answer to getting it moved? To say, "oh the people wanted it that way."? Are you sure that isn't because the UEFA clubs are extremely ticked at FIFA and want their say as to when the Cup will happen and if FIFA can line their pockets with meaningless friendlies that only further strain players and increase injuries? I mean, it is only fair for the teams since they are the ones paying salaries.

Oh FIFA, you bunch of numpties.


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