06 February, 2011

Luca Toni Doesn't Like Nutty Dutch Coaches


In case you missed the interview Bild did with Luca Toni, here's the premise:

Van Gaal, coach of Bayern Munich, said that players were interchangeable parts to a team. To wit, Luca said,
"The coach wanted to make clear to us that he can drop any player, it was all the same to him because, as he said, he had the balls. He demonstrated this literally (by dropping his trousers). I have never experienced anything like it, it was totally crazy. Luckily I didn't see a lot, because I wasn't in the front row."
Our take? Luca was a little prima dona and when a crazy coach called his bluff, he took offense. Interesting, since Luca is all about Luca.

Well, at least he won't have to worry about Van Gaal anymore as he managed to get himself sold to Roma during the winter transfer.

I can just bet that half to three quarters of the Mexican First Division have been subjected to this treatment by their coaches as have half the FIFA Ex-Co when Sepp wants his way with something.

It could be worse. (warning, lots of vulgarity)

Video: Honestjohn1992

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