11 February, 2011

Newcastle, the Apocolypse is Upon You

If having Mike Ashley as a manager and selling your only goal scoring product (oh and being home to multiple players in trouble with the law), now comes the coup de gr√Ęce.

Meet Shefki Kuqi, your new um... well he hasn't scored any goals lately... um... field player? Yeah, Newcastle meet your new field player:

(And since the likelihood of scoring any goals in the EPL is pretty much nil since he couldn't cut it in the Championships. Makes for a good rationale to pick this guy up on that fact alone *sigh*)

You know, after watching his 2008/9 highlights, I think I know Newcastle's new game strategy... Long ball and have Kuqi run someone over. Come to think of it, he's like the poor man's Emile Heskey. Ugh.

Video: Ruikulii

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