11 February, 2011

Newcastle, the Apocolypse is Upon You

If having Mike Ashley as a manager and selling your only goal scoring product (oh and being home to multiple players in trouble with the law), now comes the coup de grâce.

Meet Shefki Kuqi, your new um... well he hasn't scored any goals lately... um... field player? Yeah, Newcastle meet your new field player:

(And since the likelihood of scoring any goals in the EPL is pretty much nil since he couldn't cut it in the Championships. Makes for a good rationale to pick this guy up on that fact alone *sigh*)

You know, after watching his 2008/9 highlights, I think I know Newcastle's new game strategy... Long ball and have Kuqi run someone over. Come to think of it, he's like the poor man's Emile Heskey. Ugh.

Video: Ruikulii

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