01 February, 2011

Newcastle, Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper

Pardew took the reigns of Newcastle a few months ago with the explicit talk from Newcastle fat man, Mike Ashley, that none of the big name players would be sold.

Then, several teams came sniffing around Carroll, and despite his injury and known alcohol/drug problems, offered up nearly $50mil to transfer.

Now, granted, with ~$50mil, most teams will strengthen a whole squad... then there is Mike Ashley who recently admitted that he's been losing money on the team and had been trying to sell it, unsuccessfully.

They did manage to pick up Stephen Ireland (who will be an enigma on this team) and Ben Arfa, but without a true goal scorer coming in, they lose a lot of goals with the exit of Carroll.

To that extent, Ashley is stating that he'll let Pardew use all that transfer income during the summer to strengthen the squad.

Really? And when was the last time Newcastle fans could trust something that their owner said?

Kiss your money goodbye and see you near the bottom of the table come the end of the season.

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  1. Painful. As a NUFC fanatic, I can tell you the running joke is that our next forward will be a sack of cash on a stick. Altough I actually can't blame us for taking the $35 mil. Ben Arfa is a stud who got injured and Steven Ireland will be useless. So now it's back to Ameobi and Leon Best . . . maybe Nile "The Lone" Ranger will come to fruition. Fire Mike Ashley!


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