09 February, 2011


I caught a few of the international friendlies today. And in the end, it wasn't the big time, big name games that produced the biggest upsets or results (although Russia losing to Iran 1-0 was a shock and the Croatia 4-2 win over the Czechs was another good game or even the French win over Brazil 1-0 after a Brazilian red card).

Instead, it was lowly Luxembourg that came up big. The same country with just a couple people over 500,000. And they did it HUGE!

Luxembourg came out as the 131st ranked team according to FIFA. Their opponent was ranked 20th with a recent 3-2 win over Italy in the 2010 WC, they were considered strong with any lineup they might muster.

So when I caught the scoreline, I was shocked. Luxembourg 2, Slovakia 1. Now argue all day about how Slovakia was fielding a weakened team. They lost to Luxembourg. I don't care who you are or when, you just don't do that. That's like the US losing to Fiji or Italy losing to Turkmenistan.

I wish we had highlights of the game to show you, but frankly, the news media probably considered this as important of a game as we did prior to the result and didn't bother sending a camera crew. Wow. Just... wow.

Photo: logoserver

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