21 February, 2011

Trick Shots

Although giving up 33 goals last year, of which not all had to be his fault, and the fact that he shutout my alma mater Eastern Illinois 3-0 aside, this kid has managed to put together a youtube reel of trick shots.

Let's hope he can parlay this into a better season for 2011, cause the opponents they played last season weren't much to look at and no one wants to be the highlight of a half time show for a NASL team.

Video: paskhakale


  1. Don't forget the goal he scored from his own 18 in a second division match in his native Finland. Lassi Hurskainen plays pro in Finland during summer without pay so as not to lose his NCAA eligibility, and dominates. At the time of this goal, during summer 2010, Hurskainen's team was in first in Finland's second division.

  2. I think I invented that post hitting stuff, you can vouch for me. Funny, I also used to try to head the ball into the basket as a warmup at CHS before me and Jaime would proceed to school the high school team in indoor . . . Nice


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