18 March, 2011

Champions League 2011 Quarter/Semi Draw

It just came out... your quarters (April 5/6 and 2nd leg on April 12/13) is...

Quarter Finals

1. Real Madrid Vs Tottenham
2. Chelsea Vs Man United
3. Barcelona Vs Shakhtar Donetsk
4. Inter Milan Vs Schalke

Semi Finals

Winner Game 4 Vs Winner Game 2
Winner Game 1 Vs Winner Game 3

So what are your thoughts? Rough draw for Tottenham? They did overcome group play against Inter and then beat AC Milan... How about the Man U v Chelsea matchup? Personally, I think Inter got the easy draw (if that can be said of any team making the quarters in CL play). While I'd love to see Spurs make the semis, I think we can safely say this is the end of the line for 2 EPL teams.

Photo: UEFA

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