25 March, 2011

Chicago Fire Pick Up A Ferrari

A red one to match their unis apparently. It's big and fast... performance you ask? Well... *mumble mumble* He was on the US U20 National team.

What's that? What's he done since then? Well, played all over Europe... Series A with Sampdoria and played against Inter in the Coppa Italia. What else? Umm.... one goal in three matches. No... it wasn't for Sampdoria who let him go... it was for *cough* FC Wohlen.

You've heard of them right? They're a great team. They play in the *cough* sorry, there that cough goes again...

What? I didn't answer your question? Oh, um, er, FC Wohlen is D2 Swiss soccer... Yeah, this isn't making me feel much better right now to be a Fire fan.

Sad when this in the better of only two highlights of him that I can find on Youtube. Hopefully, this wasn't a DP slot signing.

Well, there are always highlights of the kid back in the day before he went all Danny Szetela. Might be too high a praise... perhaps Andre Akpan? Yeah, didn't think you'd remember someone who scored a hat-trick for the US against Haiti in U20 World Cup Qualifying either.

On an up note. Which one of the three mentioned actually has a job playing D1 pro ball right now? Yeah, Ferrari. Oh well. Let's hope he actually remembers that his feet are used to get in position and to shoot the ball into the back of the net.

Video: absolutezerocool

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