19 March, 2011

The Lesser of Two Evils

That's what FIFA members are going to be asked to choose between on June 1. Sepp Blatter or Mohammad bin Hammam. And surprisingly, it's not an easy decision.

Here's the deal. Everyone knows Sepp is corrupt. And for his part bin Hammam has stated that his corruption will only last two terms... I mean, his presidency, will only last two terms. Like that is to be believed of anyone in FIFA. Like the oxymoron from hell. Additionally, bin Hammam suggests that ExCo, the ruiling body of votes within FIFA, will be expanded to include 1 more vote for CONMEBOL and Oceania each, 3 more for CONCACAF and 4 each for Asia, UEFA and the CAF. The general idea being foisted on us is that there will be that many more people to bribe so bribery is less likely to happen. Yeah, tell that to the Wisconsin Legislature. On top of that, bin Hammam wants to create a Transparency Committee (useless as wearing a snood in summer) and more importantly, he'll double the $250K payout to each country as a member of FIFA to $500K. Woot! Sold, to the highest bidder.

In the meantime, both will have to find a way to bribe, I mean convince, Jack Warner to throw his 35 votes behind them. If you think Sepp has that in the bag, you're delusional. Warner knows that Sepp and Plantini have been working on a deal to get Plantini into the FIFA throne once he finally keels over from too many bribes at the dinner plate, and any time Jack can see money to be had, you can bet he wants at least his "fair 90%" of it.

So, Sepp has all the backing of his millions that he has collected over the years, right? Sure... but bin Hammam has the backing of the Emir of Qatar and we saw already what that kind of money can buy you when the right people are "convinced" of your righteousness. bin Hammam also claims that he'll support Goal Line Tech and two additional refs.

Sure, there is that writer, who won't get anyone's vote, running, but you need someone to nominate you and the price for a vote just went up $250K. So what about Plantini? Well, he's still got time to announce a running, but he doesn't have the full support of everyone, even in his own UEFA, and there are questions if he'd actually be able to give it a serious run if he's pulling votes away from Sepp. That's like when Ross Perot took votes away from Bush Sr. and Clinton edged him out back in the '92 election.

With all these great ideas from bin Hammam, how can we go wrong? Well, there is that bit about people living in fear working for him, or the money he throws around to his powerful supporters. But that won't cloud his anti-corruption stance and progressiveness. Haha... Well, at least he has a catchy slogan for the election: "Future".

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