08 March, 2011


It's a little late posting, but here you go...

Tuesday brings us 2 games for Champions League elimination:

Barcelona v Arsenal (1:30pm CST on FSC)
Shaktar Donetsk v AS Roma (4pm CST on FSC)

For Arsenal, this is do or die. They are up 2-1 from the first leg. That said, it was a home win and should Barca manage to eek out a 1-0 win at Camp Nou today, then Arsenal is going home empty handed based on away goal differential. Just last year, Arsenal was in a similar position and Lionel Messi absolutely demolished them single handedly in a 4-1 lop sided win for Barca. Arsenal, for their part, are coming off an embarrassing loss to Birmingham in the Carling Cup. Many an Arsenal fan will quickly state that the CC trophy is not their goal, but if the Gunners lose today, they'd be more than happy to have a redo against Birmingham in the finals.

In the 2nd match being broadcast today, AS Roma goes to Dunbass Stadium to play Shaktar. Shaktar is in the pole position after winning in Rome 3-2. Roma is going to have to put up big numbers to walk away winners in this one. Expect Shaktar to bunker this and put everyone in the box on every conceded free kick and corner. Roma also has to do without former coach Claudio Ranieri who was summarily fired after a pretty dismal showing this season in league play. If Luiz Adriano can strike quick for Shaktar, then it's all over for the Italians.

Tomorrow we'll see Schalke 04 v Valencia and Tottenham v AC Milan. If Spurs can bunker and shutout AC Milan (they've only managed a handful of shutouts this whole season in all play), then Spurs will have accomplished an amazing feat in defeating both Milan clubs and a move on to the Semis. Stay tuned.

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