07 March, 2011

Snood Banned

Perhaps the most effeminate article of clothing ever seen on pro soccer players, the Snood is now banned from the game. On record, FIFA pres Sepp Blatter has stated that "these things are dangerous and someone could get hanged by it".

He does have a point. Considering the severity of some injuries incurred in play, and the ability for some players to "be lost in the moment" and possibly tug on it, the ban seems reasonable. That said, I'm going to miss laughing at Tevez for feeling that he needs to wear one to stay warm in the English climate.

It's on average 10 degrees F colder here in Wisconsin and you don't see players wearing one of those things... ever. Mostly, it's a symbol of importance or some such like having an extra long pinkie nail or being one of THOSE guys who wore an earring back in the 80s because they thought it was cool.

Think Blatter and FIFA might have been encouraged to allow it had they gotten a kickback of sorts from sportswear manufacturers who labeled them?

By the way, as proof that Sepp likes to make meaningless gestures, the ban doesn't take effect until July 1st of 2011. Yeah, that's right. The middle of summer.

In the mean time, R.I.P. Snoods... you won't be missed.

The real reason Spurs haven't been doing as well as expected this year.

Photo: Tottenham Hotspurs

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