10 April, 2011

Bahrain Suspends Four National Team Players

Citing club banning behind their suspension, 4 Bahraini NT players have been suspended indefinitely from playing for their country. Conveniently, all four players are of Shiite believers (A sect of Islam comprising ~20% of Islam, where the followers believe that a relative of the prophet Mohammad should direct the religion; opposed to Sunni, comprising the remaining 80% of Islam, where the most learned of the Koran is elected to power). Bahrain, it should be noted is split about 60/40 Shiite to Sunni.

Two of the players were seen on television during protests. A'ala Hubail, was serving as a paramedic to protesters, something he is familiar with as his occupation previous to making a career in soccer was as a paramedic. The other player, his brother, Mohamed Hubail, was also caught on camera. Between the two of them, they have a combined 100+ national team appearances and 29 goals while on duty for the small nation.

There were about 200 sports figures in all across various sports that were banned from national team duty for Bahrain because of recent protests. You might remember other similar protests such as the several players suspended by Iran for wearing green armbands signifying their support for the government opposition.

Funny that FIFA likes to state that it does not like government interference in the sport but that only seems to apply to people who would directly vote to keep Blatter and Co. in office while players get hung out to dry. Or, perhaps it's just that we're in an FIFA ExCo President election cycle and they do not want to rock the boat since both countries could threaten to pull their vote. Good to know FIFA is there to protect the actual people who are the reason they even have a FIFA...


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