22 April, 2011

Feilhaber to New England Revolution

This ones a head scratcher. Why you ask? Well, Feilhaber has some skill. Unfortunately, he's got some salary baggage as a DP player that several teams couldn't afford.

Chivas, first in line for his rights, passed.

Then Philly, with former NT assistant coach Piotr Nowak took a pass.

As Scooby Doo would say, 'Argh?'

Chivas, well we might understand that pass. But looking back, they had more salary space to work with so why the pass on Feilhaber? Perhaps they have another player in mind for the DP and the salary? Don't forget that they also are forging closer working ties between them and their sister club Chivas in the Mexican Primera Division so it would be a safe guess to figure that Chivas has plans for that money and it would include using it on bringing in a player or two from Mexico that would have better face recognition with fans of Latino decent.

The there is Philly. Piotr Nowak has first hand knowledge of Feilhaber. He's seen him practice, he's coached him before, and presumably he has been keeping abreast of him even if it was cursorily while he played for Aarhus. Well, the logical argument for Philly taking the pass is that by signing Feilhaber, they would handicap themselves financially. Also, they have started the season well, so in theory, they could fill 2-3 holes in their lineup at a moments notice should an injury bug strike with the same money they would have spent on Feilhaber.

So there you have the reaction by New England.

Either way, I think it was a good pickup for New England, and I do think Philly should have passed, so I won't hate on them. Chivas' move, given the knowledge that they like to keep the players controlled between clubs and costs down for some reason, makes sense as well.

Here's to Benny hopefully getting back front and center on the USMNT spotlight with this move.

Video: NERevolutionsoccer

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