28 April, 2011

FFF Accused of Racism

A Mediapart article was released today stating that there has been an institutionalized racial discrimination setup in the training of French players for years and collusion between the FFF and former NT coach Laurent Blanc. The claim states that the FFF set a limit of 30% on black and north African decent players in the national training program and this limit was implemented as players reached the 12-13 year age range.

The supposed rationale is that many of the black and north African decent players have dual nationaility and decide to go on to play for their other country when they don't receive as much playing time as they deserve. We offer you this example of why that may not be a rational argument. The country of Guadeloupe has over 6 players in the past 20 years who have started and played extensively for the French National team at the expense of their home country or parent's country. Furthermore, France has struck up an agreement with FIFA to prevent former colonies of France from being able to field players that have at least 1 CAP for the French team (a non competition clause so to speak).

Obviously, those implicated have denied involvement or that this "program" even exists but consider this, the French NT has been wholly unspectacular in recent years, including the 2010 WC and had they excluded all foreign born players, they would forfeit several trophies including the 1998 WC... Maybe they should take a page from Germany and actually open the field up letting the best players, regardless of color, succeed and perhaps they could be the envy of European football again...

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  1. That explains why France sucks so bad these days, because without their great black and North African players they have nothing. Zinedine Zidane's uncle was a star player for Algeria in the 1982 World Cup, so by their logic, Zizou was likely to play for Algeria and not for France, and thus should have been excluded from the French youth program. But he was white, did that have anything to do with it?


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