06 April, 2011

LeBron Jumps on Liverpool Bandwagon

Despite sitting 6th, 5pts out of 5th place, Liverpool got some good news (of sorts) today. LeBron James has picked up a minority stake in the club. The WSJ points out that this is "the first time that a professional athlete at the top of his game has taken an ownership interest in a team with the size and reach of Liverpool"...

Yawn. Most people don't really care that a sports athlete owns a stake in another sport's club. Are you going to see LeBron at games regularly? No. Do you see Spurs/Vancouver Whitecaps fan Steve Nash attend games? Yes. I would contend that the part ownership by Nash of the Whitecaps is more meaningful. Nash is a fan of the sport and actually enjoys going to and watching matches. LeBron? No. He sees this only as a marketing move, likening himself to Michael Jordan.

Some contend that this move will detract from the "focus" LeBron has for his game. That is meaningless. He's not going to be involved in voting for shares, and if he is, it'll probably defer to that of his buddies over with the Red Sox management. What this is is someone clearly looking to make an extra buck and I would argue, akin to the rampant buying without looking of EPL clubs by American investors. In this case, with less consequences than the previous owners experienced.

LeBron, just stick to what you know and do. Basketball and maybe basketball related gear, because this won't help your image and could actually hurt it if Liverpool takes a dive.

Just my two cents.

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