18 May, 2011

Corruption in Argentina?

I know what you are thinking... "How could a country who's Primera A was ~$40mil in debt before the season started only to suddenly have investments of about that much by Qatar prior to the World Cup 2022 bid, which of course there is NO relation to *cough cough*, be a part of a corruption allegation?"

Well, I'll tell you how. Former ref Javier Ruiz claims that several current refs, as well as himself before he retired, would frequently take bribes to guarantee wins and titles. His best example? River Plate finished 4th in the 2010 Apetura and is now fighting relegation. He cites the rumor that River Plate management has not been paying the customary bribes in a timely fashion and hence they are losing games by questionable decisions.

So, what will happen? Probably not much considering the league almost didn't get off the ground this season. Argentina is well known for it's tight reins on it's teams and refs, so you can probably guess that Ruiz may disappear or at best get denounced and "proven" wrong.

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