29 May, 2011

It's The End of The World

Maybe that crazy old dude was right about the apocalypse. Look:

Spurs make it to the CL Semis,
Barca defeats Man U handidly in the CL Finals,
bin Hammam drops out of the FIFA Presidency election,
and then this...
Jack Warner provisionally suspended from FIFA.

And one of the best parts? A Blatter says that Warner knew about the bribes and Warner says its a conspiracy by America.

Really? Why don't we just implicate the white fat man now? I swear if I wasn't laughing so hard about all the backstabbing, I'd be crying that we're still in the end stuck with Sepp Blatter.

Do you really think that he's going to give up power any time soon? He just pulled the coup de grace in that he can clean out some really bad apples, and in the same fell swoop, make himself look like the savior of FIFA.

Remember a few years back that Blatter was lamenting that he'd not won the Nobel Peace prize? Everyone knew it was because he was corrupt, but if he's its savior... well, now that's a different story.

On a side note, bin Hammam posted on his own page that he is leaving FIFA of his own accord to prevent the great game from being tarnished... yeah...

Warner, for his part, is still denying everything. Guess the guy doesn't know when to stop. To his detriment, Puerto Rico has come out and admitted they took $40,000 from him and state that he told them it was "a gift". And as we all know, in German, gift means poison. Ironic, isn't it?

Consider the Puerto Rico comment as a straw that will probably break the camel's back. Warner has no chance of getting out of this one and Blatter seems to be unwilling to squeeze his buddy out of this mess considering how messy it is. Besides, what would Blatter gain? He's already pretty much won the election for President of FIFA, and he doesn't need Warner's votes anymore. Now he can put people he wants in charge of federations that 20 years ago, didn't even have votes before Warner changed all that. Hopefully, Blatter sends a thank you card full of money for that set up.

And for their part, the US's Chuck Blazer may be the next in line to take over CONCACAF in this fallout. As one of the power brokers, if he says he wants it, Blatter can make it happen.

So does anyone want to send an apology to Lord Triesman of England who has been repeatedly saying that there was corruption all through FIFA and was stating before the House of Commons that several federations openly asked the FA for bribes for the World Cup votes? Yeah, didn't think so.

And in this one fell swoop, FIFA has been "saved" and we may yet see the 2022 bid for the World Cup come up again for a new vote. Just wondering, does that mean that countries have to solicit Executive Committee members of FIFA all over again like Australia did with $50,000 worth of jewelry and handbags? Hmm... Viva la corruption.

Photo: TSI

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