31 May, 2011

Your Daily Funnies

To say today was a rollercoaster is understatement. With everyone in FIFA backstabbing each other, some little bits slipped through most of the media cracks.

As many of you know, serial klepto, Jack Warner (former pres of Concacaf) was suspended from all football actions indefinitely. His replacement, a one Lisle Austin, who also claimed they never received any bribes despite several federations claiming otherwise, instructed Collins and Collins law firm (who works for FIFA and was contacted by the USSF's Chuck Blazer) to cease and desist all work with CONCACAF federations. And Blazer has reported Jack yet again as Warner sent the desist letter through his own rep on behalf of Lisle Austin. Additionally, Warner is supposed to have met with several CONCACAF federation presidents which would be in violation of his restraint. The fact that he also sent out a letter to all CONCACAF presidents to support Blatter just caps the hilarity:
"I, Jack Warner, a servant and believer in the principles of this beautiful game do humbly besiege you, my brothers and sisters from the Caribbean Football Union to desist from initiating any protest action at tomorrow's FIFA Congress.
"I know many of you are hurting and it is only human nature that you would want to demonstrate your anger but despite all we must not fuel a fire set by others to incinerate all that we strive for.
"At our last meeting we agreed as a union to support the incumbent Joseph Sepp Blatter in his quest to regain the presidency. I wish to assure you nothing has changed - our mandate was set then and despite it all we must fulfil it.
"The battles I have fought over the last week are my burdens to bear; my shoulders are broad and skin is insulated to the verbal attacks I am subjected to daily. This is now my battle. I am humbled by all the support I continue to receive. Let us not be detracted for your duty is to football."
In other funny news, a "whistleblower" was scheduled at 2pm GMT to speak in Zurich to the media and was told by his lawyer not to so that was canceled.

Additionally, the FA and Scotland have now come out and said the FIFA election scheduled for June 1 should be postponed indefinitely until investigations and another candidate can be presented. Obviously, Blatter and his twin Plantini laughed at that one. Surprisingly (or not), all of the AFC will either boycott the vote tomorrow, or walk out just before it reportedly. For those of you keeping score at home, that means that if they skip out, FIFA doesn't have enough votes to postpone an election, so by default, Blatter has already won.

Now what would be interesting would be the FA and Scotland jumping ship and forming a new soccer body with the AFC and some distraught African countries. With those kind of numbers, I'm sure they could pick up Australia (they'd have China with the AFC) and possibly some other heavyweights in and might actually be forced to make some changes, but, ah... that is a pipe dream.

You can read more of the ongoing come-tragedy at the

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